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Tassel Poncho

I hate the fact that it's winter and that it is getting colder from day to day. I've never been a winter person. I can't sky, I can't snowboard, and I don't like snowball fights... so there's no reason for me to like winter. x) Speaking of which, the cold weather made it almost impossible…

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#OwnTheSeason with Autumn Outfits from TK Maxx

Autumn brings a lot of challenges regarding our daily outfits because of all the variations in weather conditions. Some days are beautiful sunny; others are rainy and cold. It's hard to find new inspirations and ideas what to wear in autumn every day; sometimes you can't even plan your looks because the weather changes all…

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About Rollercoaster and Cotton Candy

We all have this inner child inside us, no matter if we’re 20, 30 or 60 years old. Usually we have to behave like adults, we have to be reasonable and examplary, but there are some places where we don’t have to. My favourite place, where I really have fun and act like a child…

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