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Grey Levi’s Shorts

Today is already our second day in London, and I can't wait to explore even more of the city and to go for a little shopping ;) I've been to London several times, but it's always great to be back and to explore this city again and again. You always find something new you haven't…

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Ocean Days

Oh, how I miss these ocean days. Some day I'll definitely move somewhere nearby the sea for at least three to six months a year. It won't be a whole movement because I love my hometown as well, but I wouldn't mind living somewhere warm and sunny while it's freezing cold in Berlin. ;) Being…

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Autumn Sun

Happy Monday and a great start into this new week. I kind of missed the beginning of October, can't believe time flies so fast. We're right in the middle of autumn and winter is coming closer and closer. Well, we have a few weeks left before the beginning of autumn, so there is no reason…

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Sunshine on my mind

Happy Monday folks! I hope you enjoyed your weekend, mine was definitely busier than the last ones, because we were at a wedding and a birthday afterwards. And since I ate a lot of cake and sweets, I went to the gym yesterday morning and I'll go this morning as well. I love sweets and…

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When the sun is out

Are there any negative things you associate with summer and sunshine? When I think about summer only positive things are crossing my mind: warm temperatures, sunshine, summer clothes, beer gardens, parks and other locations, where I can spend my time outside as well as so much more. What do you associate with summer and of…

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Whitehaven Beach

This is the last post from the Whitsundays. Well, I'll publish another post with some things you need to know, if you're planning to travel to the Whitsundays, but this one is the last one shot on one of the 74 "Island Wonders": The Whitsunday Island. We tried to see as much as possible during…

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MacKenzie Falls

If it was a good idea to drive through a national park at 6 in the morning? Well, maybe it wasn't our best idea... it wasn't an easy drive, because of all the kangaroos, but it was definitely worth it. MacKenzie Falls Australia The MacKenzie Falls in Victoria, Australia are one of the most photographed…

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Life is a beach

Good morning and happy weekend! I'm still in Melbourne, but before I'll post some pictures of my days in Melbourne, I have a few more from our roadtrip and I can't wait to share them with you. Let's continue with the pictures of one of my favourite shoots: Life is a beach - Great Ocean…

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