Oh, how I miss these ocean days. Some day I’ll definitely move somewhere nearby the sea for at least three to six months a year. It won’t be a whole movement because I love my hometown as well, but I wouldn’t mind living somewhere warm and sunny while it’s freezing cold in Berlin. 😉 Being away for the winter months sounds great, doesn’t it? Looking at these pictures doesn’t make it better to be in cold Berlin. Even when it’s getting warmer, it’s still too cold to me. Spring is definitely a long time in the coming! So how about enjoying these summer pictures shot on the beach and dreaming of warm und sunny days?

Ocean Days in Thailand

We shot these pictures on an empty beach in Thailand; it was very peaceful and so beautiful there. Didn’t want to leave this place. We were lying on the beach for a couple of hours, jumped into the water a couple of times but didn’t to a lot at all. I love these days during a vacation. I couldn’t spend every single day like this, but it’s nice to do it, at least, ones. Even when we’re on vacation, I want to see things, and I want to do and experience something. So usually, I can’t lie on the beach longer than two hours.. x) What about you?

Since we spent almost the whole day on the beach, I was wearing my bikini and a white shirt only. I also needed sunglasses, because of the sunshine but that’s it. Do you like the pictures?

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