Happy Monday and a great start into this new week. I kind of missed the beginning of October, can’t believe time flies so fast. We’re right in the middle of autumn and winter is coming closer and closer. Well, we have a few weeks left before the beginning of autumn, so there is no reason to panic. x) The weather in Berlin is pretty nice at the moment; it’s getting colder, but the sun is shining a lot, and I like this kind of autumn days a lot. At the same time, I’m dreaming about new adventures, about next travels that still have to be booked. We’re currently thinking about the Canary Islands or Portugal. Any suggestions? 🙂

Out in the Autumn Sun

There’s nothing better than enjoying the autumn sun as long as she is shining. Days decrease in length, and there are rainy days coming, that’s for sure. It’s not only more beautiful when the sun is shining, but also easier to take new outfit pictures such as the ones we were taking last Thursday. We were out on business and just found this beautiful location on our way back to the office. I really like the big windows and the colour of the walls because they’re matching the colour of my shirt. 🙂 For this outfit I had to layer several garments as well. I don’t want to wear all my jackets and coats yet, so I definitely have no choice but layering. In this case, I was wearing a shirt from Sabo Skirt and a long shirt from Zara underneath. I added black jeans, black high heels as well as my Michael Kors Selma bag and another new pair of sunglasses from Freyrs, you can find them here.

Enjoy your Monday and leave me a comment to let me know if you like this look. xx

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