Good morning and happy Tuesday! This week is all about the trip to London we did last week. Yesterday I shared my London travel guide and today I’ll share the only London outfit we took pictures of. I don’t know why, but we just didn’t have the time to take outfits of the other looks. That’s because we were very busy exploring the city and additionally it was raining a lot. The day we shot these outfit pictures was our second day in London. It was raining all day, but in the evening the sun came out, and we took advantage of it to take some outfit pictures before heading to dinner.

Casual London Outfit

Whenever I’m making a city trip, I take comfortable outfits with me. We always walk a lot when visiting a new city, and I really don’t want to walk in uncomfortable shoes or clothes. Therefore sneakers and pants, as well as jeans that don’t pinch, are a must. My Stan Smith, as well as my Superstars from Adidas, are two of the most comfortable shoes I own, and I took both of them with me to London. I was wearing my Stan Smith and combined them with grey pants and a black sweater on our second day in London. A while ago I always brought a big bag, because I thought a bag where I can put some extra stuff inside would be the best choice. But this time, I had only one bag with me: this small cross-body bag from Rebecca Minkoff. Of course, I can only put the most important things such as my ID and other cards inside, but if we are honest, we don’t have to take everything we put in all the big bags with us. It’s unnecessary ballast.

I like this outfit a lot and wouldn’t only wear it on a city trip but also when I’m in Berlin! It’s a perfect everyday outfit, isn’t it? What do you think about it?

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