Let’s start this day with a new outfit post and a very unusual outfit for me. I’m not that kind of girl wearing a lot of skirts and dresses; I prefer jeans and shorts. But that doesn’t mean that I really like to try something new from time to time. When the Fringes Trend popped up, I knew that I have to buy some garments with fringes as well. I knew I have to buy not only a jacket with fringes as well as shorts with fringes but also a dress or skirt with fringes. Well, I didn’t find a nice dress, but I found this pretty nice skirt on sale.

Knitted Skirt with Fringes

When I first saw this skirt on Asos, I wasn’t sure whether to buy it or not. It was one of my saved items for quite a while until I finally made the decision to buy it. It’s not a hard decision when something you’re not sure about is on sale, is it? 😉 Even when I wasn’t sure about it first, I’m happy with my decision.

Other than expected

You know, that I always think about three outfit combinations before buying something new. And of course, I had a few outfits wearing this fringe skirt in mind, but when I finally wanted to wear it, none of these outfits were working. It just didn’t look the way I expected it to look like. In the end, I had to create a completely different look. When I was about to crack up, I decided to try it with some basics: black top and black blazer. I added black boots and a few accessories et voilá. Definitely other than expected, but I like it. What about you?

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