It’s summer, and you’re stuck at home? Summer in the city can be nice, but if we’re honest we would rather be somewhere else, travelling around than at home and at the office living our daily routine all summer long. I love being in Berlin during summer, but I really miss the sea, beaches and most of all the relaxing atmosphere. It’s not as easy to relax at home as when you’re travelling. The solution seems to be easy: book a flight and go. But if you can’t just book a flight and go, because you have to meet responsibilities, or you simply don’t have the money at the moment, here’s

how to get that travel high when you’re not travelling

Yep, it’s possible, and it’s not as complicated as it might seem. 😉 When we’re home we usually take everything for granted, because we always think there’s still tomorrow. Tourist comes to our city and sees more famous and interesting sites of the town than we’ll probably ever will. So why not seeing the city you’ve been living in as a tourist and do things you usually wouldn’t do? Find this and some more tips to get that travel high when you’re not travelling in the following:

1. Be a tourist in your city

You don’t have to leave your city our country to be a tourist! I’m sure there’s a lot of your city you haven’t seen or done so far. Well, maybe not when you’re living in a small village. But in a city such as Berlin, you’ll never be able to say “I saw and did everything!”. Go to places tourists go, visit a museum or exhibition, go shopping where you’ve never been shopping before or spend a day in another neighbourhood. There are so many possibilities, believe me.

2. Change your routine

This is similar to tip number one, but referring to your daily routine. You always take the bus at 8.32 am? Take an earlier bus next time and I’m sure you’ll see different people and situations. Or do you always go grocery shopping at the same store? Go to another one next time, stroll through aisles and look out for new products. These are only two ways to change your routine, and there are so much more. I won’t write them all down, so leave me a comment when you need more 🙂

3. Take a day or weekend off

The first two tips don’t help, and there’s now way to get that travel high when you stay in your city? Then you could take a day or weekend off and travel somewhere nearby. We did this a couple of weekends ago when we were driving to Helenesee. It’s a cute lake, located about an hour away from Berlin and the perfect place to relax, swim and sunbathe.

4. Meet new people, talk to strangers

What about meeting new people and talking to strangers? Other people have other routines, other places they spend their time at and therefore you have the chance to see new places by meeting up with new people instead of your usual circle of friends. Of course, you should be very communicative and open-minded to meet new people and talk to strangers. And this tip probably isn’t suitable for all of you, but maybe it can help at least someone! :))

What do you do to get that travel high when you’re not travelling? Do you have some more tips? Let me know what you do and, of course, what you think about the tips I just shared. xx