The past week was a pretty good one! We worked from home, and I finished a lot of tasks, somehow I was more productive than I’ve been at the office lately.. maybe it’s a good idea to change the location from time to time 🙂 We also shot a lot new outfits, more than we did the past weeks and now I can finally share more outfit posts and not only business, food and lifestyle posts. The past weeks we always had a reason not to take new outfit pictures, because either I wasn’t in the mood or the weather was too bad or we were just too busy. You see, there was always a reason. We were busy the past week as well, but this time, we just took the time to shoot new look! But please don’t expect too much, because they are all very casual and simple – perfect for busy summer days 😉 I’ll start sharing them next Wednesday, so stay tuned and don’t forget to stop by.

But we didn’t only took new outfit pictures and worked a lot from home, but also proceeded with our Australia plans for the end of the year. We decided to skip another summer holiday sometime soon and to save up everything for a fantastic Australia trip! 🙂 I’ll tell you soon a little bit more about, by now there’s not much to tell you, we just decided to rent a camper van and to travel around!

Last but not least I want to give you a little update on my running progress. On Monday I did my first 7K run, on Wednesday, I did 6.3K and on Friday I did almost 8K! I can’t believe I ran that much during the past week because I usually only did 3K! It’s an amazing feeling to run further and to overstep my limits. 🙂

And that’s actually it. There’s not much more to tell you about the past week since I didn’t do a lot but working and enjoying the sunny and warm weather in Berlin. Well, maybe I can add that we spent a lot of time outside trying to catch and find new Pokémon x)

Favourite Song of the past week: SAINT WKND – Lost (Runaway)

Material Craving of the past week: today I’m showing you what I just ordered at Asos: grey jeans shorts, a white shirt dress with lace details and another white dress.

IG-10 IG-2 IG-2 Kopie IG-3 2 IG-2 2 IG-2 4 IG-4 IG-1 IG-1 2 IG-1 3