It’s Thursday already, and I could definitely need some more days this week to get everything done that’s on my To-Do-List. Time goes by so fast; Christmas is coming closer and the year is almost over. I’m so happy we’re flying to Sri Lanka on the 2nd of January, I really need to start the new year calm and what is better than starting it with travelling? You probably can imagine how much I’m looking forward to it. 🙂 I’ll write a post about this trip before we’re leaving to let you know what we’ll be doing during our two weeks in Sri Lanka, so no more details today. Today I want to share another outfit with you; it’s the outfit I was wearing on Tuesday this week. It was a gloomy and partly rainy day, but at least it wasn’t that cold. I had a meeting that day; that’s why I was wearing heeled boots for a change and no flat shoes or sneakers 😉

Dress in Star Print over black jeans

When I saw this dress online at Pimkie, I couldn’t resist and had to order it. Unfortunately, it was already too cold to wear it outside when I finally received it. But as you already know, there are some possibilities, if you want to wear your summer (or spring) dresses even in winter. On Tuesday I once again chose the dress over jeans way of wearing a dress in winter. I still don’t like tights, and you won’t see me wearing dresses in winter without wearing jeans underneath. Well, maybe I’ll

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Pimkie dress

make an exception during the Christmas holidays. I’ll more likely wear a pair of jeans and a festive top instead of a dress and tights 😉 Anyways, today’s post isn’t about festive Christmas outfits.

So I was wearing my new dress in star print over a pair of black jeans, I added a pair of black boots and my black Gucci bag and that’s it. It’s such a simple outfit combination, but you know, that all black always works. And thanks to the star print, the outfit looks everything than boring. I chose heeled boots to optically elongate my legs and the bag to add a chic touch to the outfit. It’s one of the outfits I could wear every day because it’s very comfortable yet simple and a little bit chic as well. It was the perfect choice for a day at the office with a meeting in between. 🙂 What would you wear to a meeting? Do you like this outfit?

P.S.: You can save 15 percent on your next order at Pimkie with the code JACKYPIMKIE. It’s valid until the 24th of December. Happy shoping. xx

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