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Do you know these clothes that makes you dream of something? This dress is one of those, since it makes me dream of summer! When I saw it I wasn’t pretty sure weather to take it or not, because as you might know I prefer to wear jeans and shorts. But now I can’t wait to wear it again and I’m really happy with my choice. 🙂

And could I asked for a better location to shoot this look than these beautiful street? Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think about this look and of course my new dress from Sugarhill! Thank you. x

Oh an btw: we just booked a trip to Mallorca in May 🙂 We’ll stay for 8 days and guess what? I really can’t wait! Summer, sunshines, beaches & more <3

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Zara Pastel Biker Jacket // Sugarhill Dress // Gucci Bag // Zara Espadrilles // Mexx Sunglasses