This week will be all about Amsterdam: a hotel review, outfits as well as the top things to do in Amsterdam. I already shared the hotel review and one outfit shot in Amsterdam and today follows the next one. Here it is: the second outfit shot in Amsterdam. Have you already seen the first one? Well, the second Amsterdam outfit is as casual and simple as the first one but looks totally different.

Amsterdam Outfit #2 – All black and green bomber jacket

You can see the second jacket I had with me in Amsterdam in this outfit; it’s my green bomber jacket from Pepe Jeans. This bomber jacket is still one of my favourites and I got a lot of compliments for it in Amsterdam. There are two reasons I like this jacket that much: the cut as well as the fact that you can wear it in two ways. But I usually only wear it like this, haven’t been wearing the other side (a black one) so far. To focus on the jacket, I opted for an all black outfit that day. It was a bit colder that day, so I was very happy I had this big, black sweater with me. But I was wearing two more layers underneath to make sure I’m not freezing. But it wasn’t only a bit cold, luckily the sun came out from time to time, so I needed sunglasses as well. 🙂

Now you’ve seen two of my three Amsterdam looks. Can you believe I managed to pack all these clothes in my carry-on item? Well, I can’t but I did! And there is even one more Amsterdam outfit to come. You’ll see some clothes again, but you’ll see new ones as well. Yes, I actually packed even more than the clothes you’ve already seen. In addition to all these clothes I also had gym clothes, a bikini, my laptop and jewellery with me. Maybe I should write a post about how to pack for a short trip when you’re travelling with a carry-on item only. What do you think about it?

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