Happy Friday everyone! Time to share the last look shot in Amsterdam with you today. It was the day we were flying back home, but before that, we had a couple of hours to spent in the city. It was partly gloomy, partly sunny, so it was very difficult to dress for that day. It was either too cold or too warm.. That’s the reason we tried to spend as much time as possible somewhere inside, no matter if it was a store or café. 😉 Find all the outfit details in the following:

Amsterdam Outfit #3 – Denim Jacket and Striped Shirt

I was wearing the denim jacket the first day, the black jeans the second day and for the third day in Amsterdam I simply combined these two items and added a striped shirt 😉 It’s amazing how simple it is to create new looks by changing only one item, isn’t it? I really like the combination of denim jackets and striped shirts, the combination of denim and stripes in general. It’s like they are meant to be together. Okay, let’s not go overboard with it. x)

The other two Amsterdam outfits were very casual and simple and so it the third one. Let’s be honest, nobody wants to wear complicated and uncomfortable outfits on a city trip. Travel outfits need to be comfortable and handy. How do you like the one I was wearing on our third day in Amsterdam?

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