Blog Posts of the Week

Unfortunately, it was a calm week on the blog. I wanted to share more, but I only managed to share three new blog posts with you. And even though I had so many plans at the beginning of the year, I now have to admit, that it won’t work. I am so sorry about that, but I hope you will understand, that I don’t have the time. I want to share high-quality content, but with Instagram and Youtube (I am currently working on a lot of vlogs, that will be published very soon) it’s not possible to share four to five high-quality posts on the blog. Yesterday I decided, that I will reduce the amount of content on the blog to two to three posts a week.

So last week I shared one last Miami travel guide, and it was all about where to stay in Miami. I talked about the hotel we stayed at as well as one of the apartments we rented. If you want to know, if a stay at a hotel or an apartment is the best choice for your Florida travel, make sure to check the post. 🙂 The other two posts I shared were outfit posts. Both posts were about plateau shoes. In the first one I showed you how I styled plateau sneakers and a flower shirt and in the second post, I shared the outfit combination of plateau boots and a leo shirt.

Looks of the Week

You might already know, that I was in Ibiza last week and guess what? We took plenty of outfit pictures! I also have some outfits from Berlin I can share with you today, so there will be plenty of outfit inspirations for you guys:

What happened the past week

The past weekend, as well as my Monday in Berlin, were days filled with work, so let’s get straight to my time in Ibiza together with Sorel. My flight to Ibiza was on Tuesday morning and arrived around noon, just in time for a very delicious lunch at our villa. Since we were all arriving on Tuesday, it was a very calm day. We had a yoga session in the afternoon and some free time before dinner. We had dinner at a hotel somewhere on top of Ibiza with the most amazing view! We arrived just in time for sunset and got to enjoy it to the fullest. The next day was a bit busier. We started with yoga, followed by breakfast and some free time. Around noon we left the villa to drive to a restaurant very close to the sea where we had lunch before a half day boat trip. This boat trip was my highlight of the whole trip. I had the best time and enjoyed being on the water. I even jumped into it – it was freezing cold haha. We had dinner at the villa afterwards, and everybody was so tired, that we went to bed right after dinner.
The next morning started quite early for me. I had a massage at 8 am, yoga at 9 am, and breakfast from 10 am. It was busy, but oh so relaxing morning. I could get used to this 😉 After breakfast we went for a hike. We hiked for about three hours and were so ready for lunch afterwards haha. After lunch, we had some free time. Hannah and I decided to take some pictures before dinner and were shooting non-stop for three or even four hours (I can’t remember haha). We spent the last evening with Sorel and all the other girls at a restaurant by the sea. The food was amazing, the view insane and we had a great time together. I really enjoyed it 🙂 And on our last day, we didn’t do much. I joined one last yoga session, had lots of food for breakfast and Hannah, and I took some more pictures before spending one last hour by the pool.