Blog Posts and Youtube Videos of the Week

I told you, I am back on track. Last week I shared another two outfit posts on the blog and both were late-summer/ early-autumn outfits. The first outfit I shared was a combination of a white shirt dress and brown boots. One of the things I like most about the days between the seasons is that I get to wear all my favourite clothes I can’t wear in summer again. The white shirt dress is one of these pieces. For the second outfit post last week I focused on a pair of grey pants and a striped shirt. I also shared two of my favourite outfit combinations for the days between the seasons, so make sure to check out the post if you want to know more about it.

On YouTube, you can now find all my vlogs from Menorca. I am also already working on my Holland vlogs and they will probably be online next week.

Looks of the Week

Since we spent the weekend in Holland, we didn’t have a lot of time to take outfit photos. Of course, I photographed my outfits there, but back in Berlin, I spent the most time getting work done. And I was feeling a bit under the weather and worked from home most days. So, unfortunately, I can’t really share any new outfits with you today, but I will try to do better next week 🙂

What happened the past week

As I mentioned before, we spent the last weekend in Holland. We’ve been to Amsterdam a couple of times, but this time we didn’t stay there. We explored other parts of this beautiful country: Arnhem and Nimwegen. I will probably share a blog post about our trip there next week, so I won’t get into too many details at this point. All I want to say is, that I had a really fun weekend and enjoyed exploring some more parts of Holland. 🙂
On Monday we had our flight back to Berlin. We first wanted to stay a few more days in Amsterdam before flying home, but we had to leave a bit earlier as nobody could take care of Jimmy (our dog) and we didn’t want to pass him around all the time.

So we headed back home on Monday, booked a flight via Copenhagen and had lots of time to work on our way back home, which was actually great. Back in Berlin I felt a bit under the weather and stayed home for the rest of the week and worked from there. After two days in bed, I already felt better, so on Thursday, I was fit enough for a meeting and a collaboration. The collaboration was with Wella Professionals and I went to the hairdresser to get a new hair colour. 🙂 I am sharing more about it on Instagram, so make sure to check it out. Other than that, I also went to the gym on Thursday. I hadn’t worked out in a week and it felt so good. I also wanted to work out on Friday, but I was a bit sore from the day before and decided to take it easy and don’t do it haha. So instead, I worked from home until I met up with my mom and grandmom to celebrate her birthday. We did a boat ride in Berlin and it was such a lovely afternoon.