I really like these days between summer and autumn because I get to wear all my favourite pants and jeans and can combine them with summery clothes such as crop tops, loose t-shirts or sandals. The other day in Berlin, I was wearing a pair of grey pants, and I combined them with a white crop top as well as a striped shirt and a pair of sneakers. I do like this outfit a lot as it is very comfortable yet chic enough to wear it at the office. In the following I am sharing more outfit details with you, so make sure to continue reading, if you want to know everything about this autumn outfit.

What to wear between the seasons

As I already mentioned, the days between the seasons are my favourites when it comes to my outfits. These are the days when I can mix summery pieces with more autumnal ones. At least one part of the outfit needs to be warmer than the others. So you can either wear shorts (or a skirt) in combination with a cosy sweater or you go for a pair of pants or jeans in combination with a summery top. Depending on the temperatures, you sometimes can also still wear sandals between the seasons.

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My two favourite outfit combinations for the days between summer and autumn are:
– Shorts in combination with a cosy sweater and either a pair of slides or boots
– Loose pants combined with a crop top and slides.

What do you usually wear between the seasons?

Grey pants combined with a white crop top and striped shirt

When I was wearing this outfit the other day, it was quite sunny, but a bit cold in Berlin. That’s why I couldn’t go to one of my favourite outfit combinations. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t like this outfit a lot.

I was wearing a pair of grey pants that are perfectly loose and due to that very comfortable. They do have the perfect length to wear them with slides as well as sneakers, and they probably would also wear with a pair of boots. I opted for my Fendi sneakers as I really felt like wearing them. I got them just before Copenhagen Fashion Week and haven’t worn them very often since then.

To also add a summer piece to this outfit, I decided to wear a white crop top. It got a bit chilly in the evening, so I also put on a striped shirt. This shirt is actually more suitable for a summer day than anything else because of the open back. I got it in the beginning fo the year and this day was the first day I wore it. I think I hadn’t worn it before, because when the seasons change from spring to summer, I usually am already in summer mode and don’t feel like wearing any between-the-seasons-clothes and this striped shirt definitely is one of these. But I might pack it for our upcoming travel. 🙂

How do you like this outfit? I am really looking forward to reading your comments and also would like to know what your go-to outfit for a day between the seasons looks like. xx

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