I mentioned before that the days between the seasons are my favourites when it comes to putting outfits together. I finally can be more creative as I don’t need to focus on outfits that are suitable for heatwaves in the city. Between the seasons it’s all about combining my favourite summer pieces with some autumn pieces and one of my favourites is the combination of shorts, chunky sweaters and boots. And that’s exactly what I was wearing in Berlin last weekend as we had temperatures between 20 and 25°C and beautiful sunshine in my hometown.

Combining white shorts, a purple sweater and light grey boots

In late summer I start getting very excited about the upcoming autumn season – obviously, I am only getting excited about those sunny and still warm autumn days and not the rainy and cold ones. I start searching the online shops for new boots and autumn trends and get very excited about all the between the seasons outfits that pop up in my head. Well, usually I don’t get to wear all the outfit ideas as we don’t have a lot of these perfect between the season days. But that’s why I take full advantage of every opportunity. Last weekend it was still warm and sunny in Berlin, but it was a bit too cold and windy for a full summer look.

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I grabbed a pair of white shorts, put on my new pair of light grey boots and added a purple sweater as well as a black blazer to finalise the outfit.

I decided to wear the white shorts as they look chic yet added the perfect summery touch to the look in combination with my tanned legs. I also liked them in combination with the light grey boots, and I wanted the keep the lighter colour scheme of the outfit.

That’s why I also opted for the purple sweater. Actually, I chose it by taking the shoes and holding it next to all my sweaters, and I liked the purple sweater the best in combination with the light grey boots. But I also wanted to add a darker piece of clothing as it’s a between the seasons outfit. Additionally, the black blazer matches the sole of the boots, and you might know that I do like wearing matching clothes. 😉

<2>Comining shorts and boots

When you want to combine shorts and boots, there actually isn’t anything you can’t do. You can either wear matching or contrasty pieces, whatever you feel like wearing. It’s a combination you can wear in spring, summer and autumn, but I do like it best between the seasons right before it gets too warm in late spring or too cold in autumn. Because then I get to style it with a chunky sweater, which is my all-time favourite combination.

How do you like this outfit? Do you like combining shorts and boots as well? I am looking forward to reading your comments. xx

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