Happy Sunday folks! This afternoon Dominique (Goldschnee) and I are travelling to Hamburg for a special project with Teaser Magazine & Pepe Jeans and we’ll be back in Berlin tomorrow.

Grey Outfit

Back to grey, back to less colourful outfits. But at least I didn’t wear black. 😉 Instead of a total black outfit I combined different shades of grey and added white Converse, because actually they aren’t white anymore even when they look white in the pictures x)

Some of you might associate the colour grey with negative words like dull, sad or impure, but I think it depends on the shade as well as the combination you choose. Grey is not like grey! All the different shades of grey offer so many possibilities. Well, if you choose dark shades only, it can appear sad for sure. But do you think, that this outfit looks sad?

Sunday Look

This outfit is perfect for relaxed Sundays: it’s simple and comfy, what more could we want? 😉 You can transform this outfit into a more chic look by simply changing the shoes. With high heels instead of sneakers it could be a nice outfit for a girls night at a bar or restaurant or a date as well. 🙂

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