Since we were talking about colourful oufits yesterday, here comes another black and red look with some white details. Enjoy it!

Big Squared Jacket

Small Big squared Jacket in red, white and black in combination with an almost total black outfit? Yes, please!

You might have noticed that I’m wearing a lot comfy oufits lately.. well, I hope you like them as well and you won’t get bored. 🙂 Better times will come: MBFWB will take place from the 19th of January, what means more fashionable and chic outfits. And then it’s only a short time until I’m going to Australia and in Australia I can wear my summer clothes again – yaay! 😀

Beanie Season

Winter Season is not only Layering Season as I told you in this post, it is Beanie Season as well. And I can’t believe this is the first time this winter that I’m wearing one of my beanies… and it’s definitely not the last time, I’m planning more outfits with beanies before I’m leaving for Australia – promise! 😉

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