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In my last post, I already mentioned that I might share three new outfits this week, and here you go. With today’s outfit I am sharing the third outfit of the week and for a change it is none of the outfits we took pictures of when we were in Athens. It’s one of the outfits I was wearing in Berlin, and it obviously was quite cold the day I was wearing this outfit. That’s why I had to put on a really warm coat, and that’s why today’s post is all about my new white teddy coat.

Winter Trend: Teddy Coats

You have no idea how happy I am that teddy coats are still in fashion. You might remember that I was wearing my H&M teddy coat I got last year a looot last winter and now that teddy coats are still trending, I decided to get myself another one. But, of course, I opted for a teddy coat that’s different to the one I already had. I first wasn’t sure whether I should get a dark brown teddy coat or a white one. And as you can see, I ended up with a white teddy coat. Usually, I would always choose darker colours for winter, because white get’s dirty way too fast and it matches my skin colour a bit too well during winter 😉 But I felt like it was time for a change, it was time to get something that usually wouldn’t be my first choice.

It actually isn’t a bad idea to get a white coat. Of course, it still gets dirty a bit too easily, but you have so many options when you want to style a white coat. It basically works with everything, and that’s why I would say, you should get yourself one. Maybe you should make sure, that you get yourself a white coat you can easily get cleaned.

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Especially white teddy coats look sooo cosy, and they remind me of polar bears. Teddy coats are usually super cosy, fluffy and warm. Another reason why I like teddy coats a lot is, that everyone can wear them and there actually no styling rules. You can combine it with everything that comes up to your mind. If you don’t have a teddy coat yet, you should get yourself one as soon as possible! But don’t worry, you can find them everywhere at the moment.

How I combined my teddy coat

The other day when I was wearing my new white teddy coat for the first time in Berlin, I opted for a very casual look. I was wearing this outfit on the weekend, and I didn’t feel like dressing up. That’s why I put on a pair of mom jeans, a black sweater and my Balenciaga Triple S. After wearing them almost every single day in summer; it’s been a while since I last wore them. Maybe I will wear them more often during winter because I can easily wear them with warm socks and I think they would be a great addition to every simple winter outfit. I am also currently thinking about whether I should get another pair of ugly sneakers or not. What do you think about it? Should I get another pair or shouldn’t I? I mean, they are still in fashion, and they will be in 2019, AND they are just soooo comfortable. And yes, I do like them a lot.

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