Let’s be honest, on Sundays we usually feel like doing nothing at all. 😉 It’s always a little tough to get back to work after a couple of days off, after a weekend. I guess nobody looks forward to Mondays but do you really know why? Mondays aren’t as bad as they’re rumored to be, not if you love your job and like what you do. It’s more a lack of preparation that makes us hate Mondays. So let’s change this, we should take advantage of every Sunday to prepare the week ahead and to look forward to Mondays.


Things you should do every Sunday to reset for the week ahead

There are a few easy things we can do every Sunday to reset and prepare for the week ahead. It’s not a lot of work, but they’ll make you feel better and less sad that the weekend is over. These things can set you up for a successful week:

Do your laundry and plan your outfits for the week ahead

I do my laundry every weekend; sometimes I have so much laundry that I have to do it both days: Saturday and Sunday. And if you don’t have a dryer or dry cleaner and you want to make sure your clothes are dry on Monday you should definitely wash the most important things on Saturday. But why is it important to do your laundry every weekend? If you do, you’ll have your nicest clothes are clean and available to wear for the week ahead. If your laundry is done, it’s even more simple to choose the outfits you want to wear the next days. That’s another thing you should do every Sunday: planning your outfits for the week ahead. I would recommend to do it at least for the next two days.

Clean up your room/ flat

Well, I’m not saying you have to do spring clean on a Sunday. But you should do the hoovering, empty all your trash cans and wipe the table. These are only small things that are done very quickly, but they’ll make a big change. You’ll see, your room or flat will look totally different, and you will feel so much better in it when spending most of the day home 😉

Wash your sheets & make your bed

There’s nothing better than the feeling of fresh linen, is there? That’s why we should wash our sheets regularly. You don’t have to do it every single Sunday but do it at least once a month. I have to do it more often because I’m allergic to house dust. When you don’t wash your sheets, you can make your bed instead. It’s not as much work as washing everything, but it almost feels the same when you get to bed in the evening.

Check and update your calendar and write a to-do list

It’s always good to know what is waiting for you the week ahead. To avoid nasty surprises and hecticness on a Monday morning, it’s recommendable to check and update your calendar every Sunday. When you know what is waiting for you the week ahead, you can write a to-do list, so you can start the Monday easily.

Rest and treat yourself

When everything is done, it’s time to rest and treat yourself. 🙂 Watch a movie, your favorite series, eat whatever you want to – Sunday is Cheat Day! Do everything to make you feel good and satisfied. There are no rules on a Sunday. 😉 We always watch Netflix and get ourselves a big piece of strawberry cake. There’s nothing better to do on a Sunday.

What do you usually do on a Sunday?