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Video Author: Jacqueline Zelwis

When you think of Morocco, you are most certainly thinking of a fascinating oriental country with bustling markets and colourful cities, but hardly a surf vacation.

Morocco – surfers paradise

But yep, Morocco is also a real surfer’s paradise and still an insider tip among travellers. Who would have thought that? That’s why we decided to choose Morocco as a more unusual destination for our surf vacation.

Surfing in Agadir

We flew to Agadir, a city with about 500,000 inhabitants in the south of the country directly by the sea. There is much you can discover in Agadir, such as the port facilities or the Kasbah, a medieval fortress. A more extended stay in Agadir can definitely be worthwhile. But we wanted to focus on surfing.

Surf in Taghazout and best time to travel

We stayed in Taghazout, a small fishing village about 40 minutes north of Agadir. Taghazout is very popular with surfers, and there are plenty of surf camps as well as surfboard rentals available. Since the water is still cold in the best travel time to surf in February/ March, you should definitely borrow a wetsuit. With a wetsuit on then, the temperatures are not a problem at all.

Our journey to Morocco and Taghazout

Our outward journey including flight and transfer to Agadir took a whole day, which is why we started our holiday properly on the second day. Once we arrived at our hotel, we put on the wetsuit and made our way to the almost deserted beach. After a few dry exercises, we swung ourselves on the board. The waves were not too high, and the current was not too strong, which made surfing very enjoyable, especially since I’m not a professional. Sometimes the sea was very calm, and it was hard to catch a good wave. Overall, the beach at Taghazout is very suitable for beginners and advanced surfers.

Morocco sightseeing in Agadir

Afterwards, we took a look at the village itself with its typical Moroccan-style houses. The next day we drove back to Agadir to visit a market. Visiting a “souks”, a traditional market, is an absolute must in Morocco. We did not want to miss that and drove to Agadir by car. Once we arrived at the market, we stroll through stalls selling fruit, vegetables and carpets as well as many other things. Unfortunately, it was very crowded – even though the market is very large – and many traders were intrusive, which is why we did not stay very long. Maybe you have been to a souk as well and have made better experiences?

Surfing, Yoga, Fitness in Morocco

The next day we went to the beach for surfing. Occasionally, even camels walked along the beach, such an exotic look. After a long day of surfing, we drank tea and had delicious pizza at a restaurant, because a whole day in the water and on the go makes you very hungry. During our time in Taghazout, we also tried out Aerial Yoga. This is a mixture of normal yoga, acrobatics and fitness. The various exercises are performed by hanging in an elastic cloth. Aerial Yoga is very relaxing, and an interesting experience and the outdoor location overlooking the sea we had in Taghazout wasn’t too bad.

Conclusion surfing in Morocco and what’s not great

If you want to go somewhere else for a surf vacation than to the usual destinations, I can recommend Morocco. It’s not too crowded and touristy, and you can experience the fascinating culture. But you need to know, that most places are not very clean and that Moroccan men are quite pushy – that’s what we experienced in Agadir and Taghazout. Nevertheless, you should make your own picture of Morocco and consider going there as a beginner when it comes to surfing. You can find perfect conditions as well as many surf camps and rentals in Taghazout.

I hope we could give you some useful tips for a surf vacation in Morocco.

If you have any questions, feel free to write a comment!

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