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Time to surf, sunbath and relax in Sri Lanka || Sri Lanka Travel Guide

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Video Author: Jacqueline Zelwis

Sri Lanka for surfing

There are many hotspots for surfers worldwide, but this time we decided to travel to Sri Lanka. To the south of the island to be exact, because it is a real paradise for surfers. We wanted to see it ourselves and go back onto the board after a long time of no surfing. But we also went to the south of Sri Lanka to enjoy its unique nature and culture. Our first hotel was in Ahangama, a small town in the south of the country. It is about 160 kilometres away from the airport and a real insider tip among surfers. The atmosphere in Ahangama is very relaxed, and you will find everything you need there. Above all, many worthwhile excursions can be made from here. You shouldn’t stay in one place only when in Sri Lanka, you should travel around and try to see as much as possible once you are there. That’s what we did, and we didn’t regret it. One of the places we visited was Weligama, a small and quiet town about 15 minutes from Ahangama. We rented a scooter to get there as well as to other places such as Unawatuna. But back to Weligama. Weligama means “sandy village”, and when you see the narrow and sandy bays nearby, you will understand why. We got to enjoy the most beautiful panoramic view of the bright blue ocean on our way there. That’s because the majority of the route is located directly on the coast. Weligama is also a hotspot for surfers, and we did not want to miss it. I have to admit; we were quite nervous after such a long time not practising. It just took us a few shaky attempts, the waves were not too high, so the conditions were perfect for surfing.

Unawatuna – it is not a good place for surfer

We also made some trips to the areas around Ahangama. One of our destinations was Unawatuna Beach, which is located 15 minutes from Ahangama as well. It is considered to be the most popular beach in Sri Lanka, and we saw why: a long golden beach lined with palm trees and turquoise blue water takes you straight to paradise. But unfortunately, you can’t surf at Unawatuna Beach. Close to the beach is the tiny centre of Unawatuna with many shops and restaurants. There are also a few hotels close to the beach, but they are quite expensive.

When unawatuna beach, go to Dalawella Beach

Not far from Unawatuna Beach is Dalawella Beach, which excited us just as much. It is another beach that is very popular with tourists, but we still could find some quiet places. The absolute highlight on Dalawella Beach is already famous on Instagram: a swing right on the water, which hangs on a palm tree. You may have seen some photos on Instagram. The swing is located in front of the family-run hotel “Dream Cabana”, which is not only the place to go when you want to swing a little bit but also when you want to have a drink or food in front of the ocean. Here you can find my post about the Beach Swing in Dalawella Beach

Secret Beach – a must seen beach in sri lanka

Our last destination in the area has led us to the “Secret Beach” at Mirissa. Mirissa is actually a popular destination for tourists with well-visited beaches. The Secret Beach is much more difficult to reach than the other beaches because the way there is off the main road and is difficult to find. For that, we were rewarded with the view of an idyllic beach including a small beach bar surrounded by total peace. We also did a bike ride in the area. I tooked some outfit pictures in my Secret Beach Sri Lanka Post!

Bentota Beach is good for surfing, but keep an eye for the right season!

Our last hotel was in Bentona Beach, about 60 kilometres south of Colombo. In contrast to Ahangama and Weligama, the place on the west coast of the island has been specially planned for tourism development. But that did not spoil the mood because it was still really quiet and the beaches almost deserted. Miles of wide sandy beaches are to dream about, and we couldn’t resist but jump into the warm waves of the ocean. By the way, Bentota Beach is a real paradise for water sports fans. On our trip we have certainly seen some of the most beautiful places of Sri Lanka and were able to realise our goal of surfing, relaxing and enjoying the sun.

Sri Lanka – it’s definitely worth a vacation and surf trip!

So you know that Sri Lanka is a very worthwhile destination for a surf vacation and where you should go for the best waves. But even beaches where you can not surf or even not go for a swim are always worthwhile because they are beautiful and you can enjoy some relaxing time away from the tourist crowds. If you are a beginner on the surfboard, you can book surf lessons almost anywhere, and conditions in Weligama are good for beginners and advanced surfers. In any case, you should not just stay in one place, but take the opportunity to travel around and see the different beaches in the south like Unatawuna and Dalawella. I hope we could give you some useful tips for your surf vacation in Sri Lanka! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.

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