Safari in Sri Lanka – maybe one of the worlds last awesome place for animals

We saw a leopard! Safari Time in Sri Lanka || Sri Lanka Travel Guide

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Video Author: Jacqueline Zelwis

When you are travelling to Sri Lanka, you have to go on safari – it is a must! We always wanted to go on safari, so we didn’t have to think twice, and the first thing we did once we had arrived in the south of the island was booking a safari at Yala National Park. As you might know, we were quite impressed by the beauty of the mountain landscape, and flora and fauna of the south are in no way inferior to the middle of the island. Sri Lanka is proud to have one of the oldest nature sanctuaries in the world, and they indeed can be! The unspoiled nature is very fascinating.

In our travel vlog from Sri Lanka, we want to take you along on our journey. We want to show you what fascinated us the most. We hope, you will enjoy the vlog and that it will inspire you to travel to this country yourself to see the beauty yourself.

On safari at the Yala National Park in Sri Lanka

The island offers 14 national parks in total, but we ended up going to the Yala National Park. Why? Because it is the one with the highest chance of seeing leopards in the wild. Yala National Park actually is the one with the highest leopard population worldwide.

They offer several safaris every day. You can go in the morning, afternoon or evening and we decided to go in the afternoon. And it was a good idea. A driver picked us up at our hotel around 2.30 pm, and we went straight to the national park. It took us about an hour to get there, but we got to enjoy the beautiful landscape of Sri Lanka a bit more during the drive, so we didn’t mind.

Once we arrived at the Yala National Park in the south of the island, we continue our drive in our jeep. Far from the paved streets, the ride now is way more bumpy and dusty, but it is a lot of fun! Stocked with our binoculars, we are keeping our eyes wide open to see as many wildlife as possible; we don’t want to miss a thing. We get to see several bird species, cute monkeys, wild buffalos, crocodiles, deer, boars and elephants as well as many other animal species. And not all of them were far away; sometimes they were standing right next to us – an incredible feeling! After two hours of driving through the national park, we stop close to the water to take a breather and eat some bananas and watermelon – so yummy!

As I mentioned before, the Yala National Park in Sri Lanka is well known for its leopard population, but unfortunately, there is no guarantee, that you will see them during a safari. You have the highest chance of seeing a leopard when you go on a morning or full-day safari. But we were very lucky as well! We didn’t come close to a leopard, but we saw one sleeping in a tree. We had to use our binoculars to see it, but we did! 🙂 When we left the national park in the evening, we got to enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets we have ever seen. Everything looked so beautiful and peaceful, and even though it was very dusty, we could have spent much more time there.

A travel to Sri Lanka – is it worth it?!

We hope you enjoyed our vlog from the second part of our Sri Lanka travel and that we could give you an idea of what going on safari at Yala National Park is like. A video or pictures can’t show the real beauty, so you better travel to Sri Lanka to see it yourself. You won’t regret it! If you need more information, you can watch the other Sri Lanka vlogs or check my blog. Whatever you will do and however you will decide regarding travel to Sri Lanka: I can truly recommend it, and I had a great time on that island.


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