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I fell in love with the mountains || Sri Lanka Travel Guide

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Video Author: Jacqueline Zelwis

Sri Lanka is the perfect island when you are looking for a travel destination that is rich in variety. I immediately fell in love with all the colours, the scents and all the different people we met. It is always warm on this island due to the nearness to the equator, and everything smells like flowers and spices. Sri Lanka is located in the Indian Ocean, in the south of India and it is approximately as big as Bavaria. You can find both yellow as well as white beaches, both looking like paradise in Sri Lanka. But Sri Lanka does not only has a lot of beautiful beaches to offer, but this island also has a breathtaking mountain landscape and the highlands with lots of tea plantations. The diversity of landscapes makes it worth visiting Sri Lanka for sure.

My Vlog about our trip to Sri Lanka

During my time in Sri Lanka, I tried to film as much as possible. I wanted to share more details about this trip and show you everything this island has to offer. And maybe I can convince you of the beauty of Sri Lanka’s landscapes. My vlog will give you a nice overview of what we did, what Sri Lanka has to offer and how beautiful this island is.

Sri Lanka – a country with many facets

During my travelling, I drove along busy, chaotic streets. It seems like there aren’t any traffic rules in Sri Lanka or people just don’t care about them. We drove through small towns, cities as well as pure nature. No matter where in Sri Lanka you are, you will find small stalls or markets every where by the side of the roads. That’s actually quite nice because you can always stop and get something to drink or fresh, tropical fruits such as coconuts, bananas, pineapple or lychee.

Travelguide through Sri Lanka

The first part of our Sri Lanka travel took us to the green highlands of the island. You can find many tea plantations here and there actually not many towns or cities. That’s why the tea plantations are so important for the people living in the highlands of Sri Lanka. It is important for the whole economy and the export of Sri Lanka. A walk through the proud vegetation felt like being in paradise, and it is not hard to take a break from everyday life there. Sometimes you find a small town with its typical markets and small shops where you can find spices and fresh fruits.

Taking the train to Ella – the most beautiful train ride

We took the train from a place about an hour from Kandy and drove to Ella because it is supposed to be the most beautiful train ride in Ella. The train drives through the mountains including tea plantations, and it definitely is one of the most beautiful views I got to enjoy during our Sri Lanka travel. I stood at the door, no fence in front of me, and enjoyed this breathtaking view. It actually is hard to find words for the beautiful mountain landscape of Sri Lanka. We passed tea plantations, the mountains and small towns and I tried to capture everything in picture and video. But it actually was hard to capture everything; it looks so much more beautiful in the flesh! You just have to travel to Sri Lanka and have to see it yourself. The pictures and videos can’t nearly reflect the real beauty of Sri Lanka. People, who have been there will agree with me!

Once we arrived in Ella, we did not only hike Little Adam’s Peak. We also walked to the Nine Arches Bridge. The walk to this bridge itself was so beautiful and offered many views of the Nine Arches Bridge and its beauty. The architecture of this bridge is marvellous and worth a visit. This bridge is used by the train, but it is wide enough to walk on it as well. And that’s exactly what we did. We also stopped for a little while, sat down and enjoyed the view.

My Sri Lanka Vlog conclusion – it is for sure worth a visit!

I hope you enjoyed this first Sri Lanka travel vlog and that I could give you an understanding of Sri Lanka’s beauty. You should definitely visit Sri Lanka yourself to see it yourself and get a better understanding because pictures and videos can’t capture it properly. It is the beautiful landscape that will make you fall in love as well as all the scents, the fresh fruits and the people that are always smiling and happy. Oh and don’t forget about the beaches – but that’s another story to be told. More about it in my third Sri Lanka vlog, coming soon.


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