There it is again, the autumn. What belongs to autumn? Often cold and gray days. Somehow the sun doesn’t rise properly, you leave the house in the dark in the morning and come back in the dark in the evening…bad mood is almost guaranteed. So it’s no wonder that in autumn we are often marked by symptoms like listlessness, tiredness and listlessness. This so-called autumn depression is not an isolated case! 

But there are some tips and tricks for autumn activities and how to overcome this listlessness by simple mood enhancers. We have collected 6 tips for you on how to get through the autumn healthy and lively.

Vitamin D deficiency

Since it is often grey in autumn and you don’t get much sun when it sets so early, a lack of vitamin D may develop. We absorb vitamin D mainly through sunlight, which is often merely absent in autumn and winter. The result is an undersupply of certain messenger substances like adrenaline, which ultimately makes us tired and exhausted. This fatigue caused by a vitamin deficiency can be easily counteracted. 

Autumn has some golden hours, which can be used for long walks in the sun to replenish your vitamin balance. Who doesn’t like to take a walk with his loved ones through the golden deciduous forest, simply beautiful.

You can also find vitamin D in the form of drops or tablets in almost every drugstore. Taking such a supplement can actually not hurt in principle since we often have too little sun in Germany to completely replenish our vitamin balance.

Fit into autumn

So that we do not rust entirely in the autumn and can already train off a few pounds for the Christmas season, we are told: Fit into the autumn.

Even if the motivation for sports often lacks during the cooler season, it can help to do sports to avoid autumn depressions! The temperatures in autumn are actually perfect for a jogging session because it is not too warm and the circulation can work better. Also, sport stimulates circulation and adrenaline production, which is why we usually feel so good after sport. So grab your running gear and go for a run in the park with your best friend on your side. Afterward, the Pumpkin Spice Latte tastes much better at your favorite cafe.

Autumn as a new beginning

Who needs New Year’s Eve for a new beginning and new resolutions. The grey season is all the better for tackling overdue to-do lists. When the days are short and the weather leaves something to be desired, you finally have time to become productive. 

This works best with a nice notebook in which you can write down your to-do’s. Meanwhile, you can find notebooks everywhere, for example with marble patterns or pretty flower motifs. So show the autumn and be productive.

Good mood for your ears and nose

What is the best way to get out of a low mood? Correct! Good mood music! The right music always makes us happy, so create a happy autumn playlist and you are ready for the day. Whether on the train on the way to work or at home cleaning the house,  you are guaranteed to be in a good mood with the right music.

Besides music, fragrances can and do help you out of this seasonal low. For example oranges and lemon scent have a vitalizing effect, stimulating circulation and positively influencing the mood. Beautifully scented candles can be found online, in drugstores or special candle stores. Just take a look at the assortment and choose your own personal mood-lightening candle. 

Together with your happy autumn playlist nothing can go wrong.

The “Scottish shower”

You know, you’re just too tired in the morning to get out of bed and go to work, especially when it’s pitch dark outside…alternating showers get you going.

Alternate showers or the so-called Scottish shower work very simply: you shower for 30 seconds with cold water, then 30 seconds with hot water and finally 30 seconds with cold water again. This takes some effort but helps to start the day full of energy. The alternating shower not only dispels tiredness but revitalizes your whole body and burns fat at the same time. So what could be better… except maybe two cups of coffee.

If you still have some time after the “Scottish Shower” and want to do something for yourself, you can also make a soothing face mask afterward and in the meantime drink a relaxing tea! Face masks to make yourself can also be found on the blog and the right tea can be found by trying it out in the Tree House. We think this morning routine is just perfect.

Please smile…!

Probably the easiest tip against listlessness, tiredness, bad mood and laziness: just smile! With a smile on your face you will not only cheer yourself up, but also your fellow men. So do something good for everyone and go through the day with a smile, because whoever smiles more, whether with reason or without, demonstrably improves his or her mood.

If you still talk about autumn as the sad and dreary season, you have definitely done something wrong because there are many ways to make autumn beautiful and escape the autumn blues.

Photo Credit: all photos by Josefine Meier