The long weekend is over and I hope you enjoyed it to the fullest! I did and now I’m more than ready to kick off another week at the office. I’ll prepare the last looks shot in Thailand – this is one of them – and finally want to start creating the video about our trip. We had the GroPro with us all the time; I have a lot of video clips and now I have to sort, cut and edit all of them. That’s a lot of work coming, but it’s fun as well and I can’t wait to share it with you when it’s finished. For now, I’ll leave you with another outfit shot on the beach in Phuket:

Barefootin’ on the beach

It was almost impossible to walk on the beach in Phuket without shoes because at daytime the sand was freaking hot! You could only walk close to the water, where the sand was wet or when the sun was about to set. We shot these pictures at that exact time; the sun was about to do down and the sand wasn’t that hot anymore. I was wearing a very simple look, a combination of black lace shorts and a grey top with a low-cut back. In one of the pictures you can see, that I was holding a pair of shoes. I wasn’t wearing them on the beach because I just don’t like it with all the sand. But we came straight from a restaurant where we had dinner, and of course, I was wearing shoes at the restaurant! 😉 That’s the reason I was wearing jewellery as well. It doesn’t make sense to wear lots of jewellery when you’re enjoying a day by the pool or on the beach. I only wore them when we were strolling around and of course for dinner.

What do you think about this simple summer look? Would you wear it or do you say it’s a bit boring? Let me know what you think. xx

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