Splish Splash, I was taking a bath… lalalala. Not really, but the water was as hot as the bath water. We were walking along the beach the day we shot these pictures, discovering the neighbourhood of our hotel. There were other hotels as well as a nice national park and this beautiful beach of course. As great as the hotel was, I wanted to see the what’s around as well. I always try to see as much as possible and not only the hotel complex. For me, travelling is not only to relax but also to disover new places and to learn more about the culture. What about you?

White shorts and a striped shirt

I had a sunburn on my shoulders; that’s I was wearing a long shirt that day to protect my skin from the sunshine. I combined the striped shirt with white shorts for a more summery look and added some accesoires such as the sunglasses, a necklace and some bracelets. A pretty simple look, but exactly what hot summer days call for. 😉 One highlight of this look are my new sunglasses from Komono. It’s not the shape and print/colour I usually wear, but I like it a lot. Having something different in my closet is nice. And it matches the outfit pretty well, doesn’t?

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