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new, but old: my studded boots

Back to black and grey with today's new outfit post. Looks like the outfits got darker from day to day this week. x) Light blue jeans on Wednesday, dark blue jeans on Thursday and dark grey jeans today. Which colour do you prefer? I usually choose black jeans because they work with everything, but sometimes…

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Stay Sick

So this is already the last week of October? Crazy how time flies... we're right in the middle of autumn, the last days have been pretty nice, so I'm trying to enjoy them to the fullest. We shot some new outfit pictures - less than we actually planned - and I can't wait to share…

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Soft & Hard

It's Friday and the weekend countdown has started ;) Time to get things done and maybe I'll be able to call it an early weekend today. I won't do much the next days, it's marathon in Berlin, and the route is going through our neighbourhood - so we probably won't be able to go somewhere…

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Denim Summer

Good morning folks. Are you ready for another outfit post? We weren't able to shot any new outfits during the last days, but I took full advantage of the perfect summer days last week, so I luckily have something to share with you today :) Every Summer is Denim Summer I love denim, and I…

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Marble Shirt

It still is very summerly in Germany and, therefore, I'm sharing another summer outfit I was wearing eatlier this week with you. As you already know, one of my favourite things to do in summer is to create light and easy looks, because it's everything but comfortable to wear too many or too heavy layers…

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These are the last pictures we took before our camera got broken... damn it! We still don't really know what happened, but we already sent it to Sony and hopefully we'll get it back soon and it won't cost as much as a new camera would ;) Now we have to find a suitable replacement…

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Dem Levi’s Shorts

Happy Wednesday folks! I hope you're week has been amazing so far and it's going to be even better :) Mine has been pretty exhausting, I have a lot of work and I'm currently trying Teatoxing, but I'm not sure if it is a good idea or not.. I don't know if you've heard about…

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CK Jeans

Happy Monday and happy new week. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and had the chance to recharge your batteries ;) I definitely did, so I'm more than ready for another productive and successful week. Let's start with another outfit post with my new favourite sweater, the CK Jeans sweater you've probably seen pretty…

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