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black and white is always a good idea

Good morning, guys! As you already might know, today I'm selling some of my clothes at the Blogger Bazaar Berlin - if you're currently in Berlin you should stop by! :) I'm currently making some final preparations, but first I want to share this outfit with you I shot with Domi from Goldschnee yesterday. I…

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Show what you’ve got

Show what you've got - the motto of the label SIDEBOOB. Last week I showed you the long "Everybody wants to be Kreuzberg" shirt/ dress and I promised you to show you pictures wearing the short one too. Et voilá here they are :) I also told you about the different variants how to wear…

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Everybody wants to be Kreuzberg by SIDEBOOB

Everybody wants to be Kreuzberg! If you now Kreuzberg either you'll agree about everything at 100% or you'll think "err no?!" ;) A couple of years ago I would have been one from those who disagree, but in recent years I've been more often in Kreuzberg and today I love being there. A district with…

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