Sideboob Fashion Shirt

Everybody wants to be Kreuzberg! If you now Kreuzberg either you’ll agree about everything at 100% or you’ll think “err no?!” 😉 A couple of years ago I would have been one from those who disagree, but in recent years I’ve been more often in Kreuzberg and today I love being there. A district with so many different facets and nice spots to visit. 🙂 When travelling to Berlin you have to go to Kreuzberg – weather great restaurants, pretty little stores or many different cultures, there is so much to discover.
That is why it isn’t surprising that I love this SIDEBOOB Fashion Shirt. This time I wore the long version – I wear size S as a dress – but they offer a short one too – you’ll see more of the short shirt soon 😉 As the name SIDEBOOB implies the shirts are cut off shirts and you can wear them with a bondeau, a bra or as I tried with a sports bra or a cropped shirt. If you’re brave enough you can wear those shirts without wearing a bra or the like. 😉

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Zara Leather Jacket // Sideboob Kreuzberg Long Shirt // Asos Flats // H&M Statement Necklace