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Switching Accounts on Instagram – what are the benefits?

Last week Instagram officially launched multi-account support! Finally! Probably a lot have more than one Instagram account - at least one for the blog and maybe one that's private -, and it always was a bit difficult and annoying to switch between different accounts. You had to log out and log in again. But now…

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Instagram Don’ts

The past weeks I focused on the blog, I told you how to start your own fashion blog and which CMS is the best to choose. In today's business post, I'll switch to another topic: Instagram. Besides my blog, Instagram is the platform I use most. Not only to share my own pictures but also…

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4 iPhone Apps every blogger needs for Instagram

Let's be honest, we all are using Instagram every single day, aren't we? And using Instagram isn't only posting a picture anymore, it is much more. First of all we have to take a nice picture, sometimes we have to arrange things, food and Co. or we have to find a nice location to shoot…

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