The past weeks I focused on the blog, I told you how to start your own fashion blog and which CMS is the best to choose. In today’s business post, I’ll switch to another topic: Instagram. Besides my blog, Instagram is the platform I use most. Not only to share my own pictures but also to see what the others girls are doing as well as to get some inspiration! 🙂 Instagram can be a great tool to grow your blog and to connect with your followers, to keep them updated. But when it comes to Instagram, there are some don’ts you should keep in mind:

Instagram Don’t No.1:
Using too many different filters

First of all: don’t use the Instagram filters, there are better ones! I usually use VSCO – they have the best variety 😉 Second: don’t use too many different filters. If you want your feed to look nice and pretty, you should use the same filters every time you’re posting something. When you start to use too many different ones, your feed can become very messy and unappealing for new followers.

Instagram Don’t No.2: spamming

I often unfollow people on Instagram, because they’re spamming! I would recommend waiting two to three hours before posting a new picture, and I never post more than four pictures a day. Nobody wants to see ten similar pictures in 30 minutes. Choose wisely and always wait before posting the next picture. Quality over quantity is the key.

Instagram Don’t No.3:
Reposting pictures without giving picture credit

Do you want people to take your pictures and share them on their profiles without giving picture credit? No? Then you should never ever do this to others! 😉 Of course, you can share a nice picture you just discovered and now want to share, but please mention where the original is from.

Instagram Don’t No.4: Stressing yourself out

Don’t stress yourself out, because you think you MUST post at least one picture a day. I used to think this a while ago, tried to take nice pictures every day, but that’s simply not possible. Of course, you’ll be able to take pictures every single day, but the quality wouldn’t be as nice as you might want it to be. It’s always better to post nothing than posting a picture with bad quality. Again: quality over quantity.

Instagram Don'ts