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The perfect grey coat

Good Morning and Happy Thursday folks! This week has been very busy and exhausting so far and I hope it'll be a bit better these last two days because I'm more than ready for the weekend. In addition to this, the weather is very bad here in Berlin. It seems like it's always dark and…

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Wrap Front

Since the weather is getting better here in Berlin it is so much more fun shooting new outfits for you. I'm really tired of dressing for colder days, so it's really hard to decide what to wear and shoot on these days. But it's the other way around, when it's sunny and warm outside: I…

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The Systems

Today is already my last day in Berlin. My suitcase is packed, well it's jam-packed and I already know that I'll have to buy another one when it's time to fly back to Berlin ;) But do you know how hard it is to pack for three months? It's almost impossible.. haha. Today I'll leave…

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Secret Layering

Winter is the season of layering. Layering can be really tough, because your outfit has to keep you warm and to look nice at the same time. But don't worry, it is possible to create chic or at least nice layering outfits. The best about layering is, that it can give your outfits something special.…

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