In this post I already show you the last piece of the Alexander Wang x H&M collection I bought: the cropped sweater. But before I start talking about the third piece, I want to know: did you like the other two outfits and pieces? 🙂

Alexander Wang x H&M Cropped Sweater

The Alexander Wang x H&M Cropped Sweater.. maybe the piece almost everybody was craving for, right? 😉 And maybe it is one of the ones a lot of you were disappointed with when you held it in your hands… well, that’s what I heard. I really like this sweater and I wasn’t disappointed at all, but it didn’t fit as I had expect it. Okay, it’s neoprene and we all know, that neoprene isn’t the most flattering fabric and that’s why some of you might have problems with the fit of this sweater. I have to confess, that I wasn’t sure about this sweater when I tried it on as well, because the neckline is a bit tight, but the rest is very wide, so I wasn’t able to go a size up (I tried and bought XS). Anyways, it was the right decision to buy it 🙂

The third Alexander Wang x H&M outfit

Even the third and last outfit, in which I’m showing you my new Alexander Wang x H&M pieces, is a total black outfit. I combined the cropped neoprene sweater with black jeans and black booties from Buffalo. Unfortunately it isn’t a look I can wear that often during the next months, because it’s way to cold to wear cropped garments!! But maybe with another shirt underneath… we’ll see 😀 What do you think about this outfit? Do you like it?

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