About two years ago, Pimkie presented a new store design as well as a new creative and fashion concept. They started remodelling the Pimkie stores and a couple of weeks ago the new store in Berlin at the Kurfürstendamm finally opened. I hadn’t seen the new store before I visited it for a Private Shopping Night last Friday. I was so curious to finally see the new store concept as well as the current collection. And guess what? I really like the new concept. I was surprised to see that they have a home collection because I didn’t know about it. Additionally, the pieces of this home collection are exactly to my taste. It’s dominated by minimal and clean styles, a lot of black and white and geometrical forms. I wanted to take so many pieces with me, BUT I didn’t want to carry them home.. in the end I didn’t get any pieces of the home collections. But, of course, I got some pretty nice clothes. 😉 I found a lot of cute styles I wanted to try on, and in the end, I went for two black jeans (not that I already have enough), a striped sweater as well as a grey t-shirt with lacing on the front. Additionally, we got a basic t-shirt, which we could customise at the store during the event.

You know, how much I like customised pieces, therefore it’s no wonder that this was my favourite part of the Pimkie event last Friday. After having a few snacks and a drink, we sat down at the customisation station. We had three main personalization tools to choose from: patches, pencils and yarn. As you can see, I went for the patches – it’s still one of my favourite ways to customise

Pimkie Private Shopping Night
Pimkie Store Berlin Kudamm
black white Home collection
Pimkie Home collection
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my clothes. I also used the pen to individualise one of the patches. Last but not least I used the yarn to embroider my sister’s t-shirt. Since she an injured hand she couldn’t do it herself, but I didn’t mind. It was fun trying new things and customising her t-shirt as well 🙂

It took me about an hour to customise both of our t-shirts, but as they say: “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”. 😉 After customising our shirts we wanted to have a closer look at the collection at the Pimkie store. We started on the ground floor and ended on the first floor where the dressing rooms are. The collection changed a lot during the past years, and I was surprised to see so many nice basic styles. I tried on four different pairs of jeans, several sweaters and some t-shirts. In the end, I got two pairs of jeans, one sweater and one t-shirt (as you already know). I’ll share some outfit pictures of the looks I found at Pimkie pretty soon, so make sure to stop by now and then (or every day). 😉

Do you have a Pimkie store in your city or town as well? And have you already seen the new store concept? If not, look at the pictures we shot to get an idea of the new store design. I would love to hear what you think about it. xx

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