Pleated Skirt and Leather Vest

This is another outfit I was wearing during Copenhagen Fashion Week. It might not be the kind of outfit you wear on a typical day in the life, including some office time and going grocery shopping. But it is a great outfit for a special occasion. And by changing just a few items, you could even make it an everyday life outfit.
I was wearing a whole Maisonnoée Berlin look combining an oversized leather vest and a pleated skirt. To dress it down a little bit and to stay warm on that rainy day in Copenhagen, I was wearing a black hoodie underneath the vest.
A leather vest definitely is a piece of clothing I am still missing in my wardrobe. It offers a lot of different styling options. You can either combine it with a hoodie or sweater as I did, with a white button-down or even with something more contrasty such as a lace shirt.
To finalize this Copenhagen Fashion Week outfit, I put on my black Fendi boots. If you want to wear an outfit like this in your everyday life, you could also style it with flat boots or even sneakers could work - when it's warmer outside. If you want to wear the skirt and vest with sneakers, you might also want a different top, such as a tank top or a cropped t-shirt.



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