Those who follow me on Instagram might already know that I did have not only a busy time but also an eventful and kind of adventurous time last week. I was in three different cities (Rome, Berlin and London) and walked down the front of a house in between. Odlo invited to “Odlo Girls Time” and what do girls when they meet up with a sports brand? Of course, they do house-running! This happened in the context of the new FW 2016 running collection of Odlo, and therefore we didn’t only walk down the front of this house in Berlin; we were doing it in style wearing the new collection. 😉

I have to confess, that I wasn’t sure whether to accept the invitation or not, but I was so curious, I couldn’t say no. I was super excited but tried not to overthink it otherwise I probably would have been too afraid of it. I was all calm and relaxed until we went up to the top of the house. I was so nervous, when I was sitting at the edge of the house, looking down the 60 or 65 meters – I can’t remember the actual height. It took me a couple of minutes before I overcame my fear, I got up and started to move my body forward until I was facing down. And this was actually the worst part, everything that came afterwards was super easy, and I actually expected it to be more exciting x)

The safety harness is so tight; you just can feel safe. You actually have to pull yourself down, in the beginning, to start moving and then you just pull yourself down the 60-65 meters. You can relinquish your grip as well, so you’ll go down a little bit faster. The more you weigh, the faster you slide down. Unfortunately, I didn’t relinquish my grip enough, because I still had a lot of respect of the height and, of course, I couldn’t know what it is like before I was on the ground again. If I would do it again, I would definitely try to go down as fast as possible 😉 Because now I know, how easy it is and that the point where you have to overcome your fear on top of the house is the only challenge.

Even though it wasn’t such a big adrenalin rush as I expected it to be, I enjoyed it to the fullest. Walking down a house is such an amazing experience. It’s great to see what I’m capable of, to see that I can do it and, of course, that I did it. 🙂 I love to push and challenge myself and to make new experiences, especially when they’re as special as the house-running. Have you ever done house-running? If not, would you do it?