TK Maxx Beauty Products

I visited the TK Maxx Store in Berlin-Charlottenburg (Wilmersdorfer Str. 108) at the beginning of the week in the context of a little beauty challenge. I had a budget of 50 Euro and wanted to find the best possible deals they have to offer. TK Maxx says, that you can save up to 60 percent against the recommended retail price. I checked all their product products to find these deals, the ones the biggest possible discount TK Maxx has to offer.

Before I entered the store, I chose a topic for the challenge: a date with my boyfriend. Therefore I was looking for everything I would need in preparation for this date. Well, that was still not specific enough – the TK Maxx store in Charlottenburg is everything but small and so isn’t their beauty area – and I limited it to the following three product segments: parfume, make-up and nail polish. The biggest challenge was to find a parfume, not because they don’t have great deals, but because they just had too many choices. In the end I picked the one that fit in my budget AND had the biggest discount. I got it for more than 50 percent less than the recommended retail price. Only the nail polish could top that offer with a discount around 60 percent against the recommended retail price. Last but not least I chose some eye make-up prodcuts. I got all these prodcuts together for less than 50 percent of the recommended retail price as well. Alltogether I could save something between 50 and 60 percent of the recommended retail price. You see, it’s not lie when TK Maxx says, that you can buy beauty products up to 60 percent less.

CK Calvin Klein Parfume
Eye Shadow Pallette Maybelline

With the TK Maxx Beauty Challenge, I wanted to show how great their deals are. But there is another reason why I wanted to save as much as possible during my shopping trip. I want to satisfy a wish of mine with the money I could save. As I already mentioned, the topic of the challenge was a date with my boyfriend. Therefore the wish I want to satisfy has something to do with this date. With the money I saved I want to go to a restaurant we usually wouldn’t go to. I want to make this date something very special, something we’ll keep in mind for a long time. And thanks to the shopping trip I couldn’t only save the money I now can spend on our date, I also got the products I need for my preparations. Now I’ll have perfect eye make-up, beautiful nails and I’ll probably smell good – let’s hope my boyfriend likes my new perfume 😉

Now it’s your turn to satisfy one of your wishes! Choose a amount of money you would like to spend, visit a TK Maxx store nearby and try to find the best deals and to save as much money as possbiel. Which wish would you satisfy with the money you could save? I’m looking forward to reading your comments and to hear more about your wishes. xx

OPI Nagellack