Only two more days until we’re in Bangkok! Whoop Whoop! Our flight is already tomorrow, but due to a long flight and the time difference, we’ll arrive on Friday morning, local time. I’m soo looking forward to the warm temperatures, to the sunshine and, more than everything, our second stop Phuket. You might recognize; I’m getting more excited with each day we’re coming closer to the departure day. x) But today’s post isn’t about Thailand, in today’s post, I would like to share another outfit shot in Berlin.

Basics are best

This outfit is a combination of basics only: blue jeans, white T-shirt, black sweater and white sneakers. I only added some accessories such as the scarf and the sunglasses. The accessories were necessary, because otherwise the look would be very boring. It’s not a secret that basics are always the best choice, but when you’re combining basics only, it’s always good to add a few accessories – keep that in mind! 🙂

Basics are best if you want your outfit to be simple and comfortable. I don’t know many basics that aren’t comfortable, but since they’re basics they have to be comfy, don’t you agree? You choose basics when you’re in doubt when you want to keep it simple or focus on another item. That’s it. In my case, I needed a comfortable and simple look. It was a rainy day, and I didn’t feel like wearing something fancy. But the rains wasn’t the only reason I chose this basic outfit. The day we shot this look was a very busy one, filled with work and preparations. We spent almost 12 hours at the office, and I really needed a comfortable look to survive the long day 😉 What do you usually wear on a busy day?

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