Good morning and happy Tuesday! 🙂 How are you doing today? Since it’s my birthday, I’m in a pretty good mood. I already had an amazing breakfast and we are meeting my family for cake and coffee in a bit. In between I’ll be at the office because even on my birthday I have to get shit done 😉 But I don’t mind, because I’ll keep it calm today. Besides a lot of cake and good food, I won’t do anything special today. It’s just that there’s nothing special about turning 24 to me and it’s Tuesday.. the look I’m sharing with you today is definitely one I would wear today as well because it’s casual yet chic. Highlight of this outfit is my new bag from Horizn Studios; that’s why I want to tell you a bit more about it in the following:

Horizn Studios Day Bag

This bag is not an ordinary day bag. 😉 It’s simple from the outside but has a lot to offer in the inside. Lots of pockets offer space for all your stuff, no matter what it is. There’s a pocket for your smartphone, pockets for your cards, a pocket for your key and even more. The Day Bag is an organisation talent; you won’t spent a couple of minutes to find what you’re looking for in this bag. 😉 But it’s not only the perfect everyday bag but also great for travelling. The spacious design offers enough space for all your belongings and you can add a shoulder strap to make carrying it around easier and more comfortable. In addition to this, it goes pretty well with the Cabin Trolley Horizn Studios just launched. It comes in seven different colour combinations, but the black/gold one is a perfect match to the Day Bag in black. It doesn’t only look good; it has a lot to offer as well. Have a look yourself and pre-order the Cabin Trolley now to get a 50 percent discount!

Whenever you buy a Horizn Studios product, you get the Horizn Travel Assistant for 12 months. It’s an amazing service; I already had the chance to try. The Horizn Travel Assistant helps you when planning your next trip or when you’re already there and need restaurants or activity tips and much more. You just have to sign up and connect with your travel assistant to get lots of inspiration, help or support. It’s pretty cool!

What to you think about my look? Do you like my new bag? Let me know what you think; I’m looking forward to reading your comments. xx

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