Although the saying comes from Nutella, the brand is right when it says “The morning makes the day”. How you start your day is known to influence the rest of your day, if we start the day already stressed and in a bad mood, chances are high that this feeling will carry through the day. To avoid this, simple morning routines can help to a better start to the day.

A daily morning routine can be different for everyone, depending on when you start work, how long you sleep and what it takes to get you out of bed in the morning. However, there are a few general tips and ideas on how to make your mornings as good as possible, so you can prepare for the rest of your day in the best possible way.

Morning routine tips

1. You should try to always go to bed at about the same time and get up at about the same time, this way your body gets used to these times and wakes up automatically in the morning instead of being woken up by a loud alarm clock. 

2. After getting up, you should not look directly at your smartphone and be influenced by your emails and messages. In the morning, your head should be free of stress and work. So why not just looking at your partner lying next to you in bed after waking up, or out the window into the sun. 

3. In order to find some peace in the morning and to switch off before dedicating oneself to work, a morning meditation can help.

It doesn’t have to be long, just do nothing for a few minutes and find yourself. For all meditation beginners, there is a blog post about the benefits of meditation and simple steps to learn meditation.

4. Then how about a little morning walk for a coffee to go? A bit of fresh air and exercise does the body well and wakes us up. That way you’ve been outside and don’t have to worry about just sitting inside in front of the computer all day. If you don’t have the time because you have to go to work, try getting off the train one stop earlier or taking the bike instead of the car. This is not only good for the environment, but also for your body and mind. sondern auch für Körper und Geist.

Morning routine ideas

Since the daily morning routine can look different for everyone, we have written down our morning routines as an example and maybe you will find some inspiration here! 🙂

Morning routine of Jacky:

My alarm clock goes off at 6:45 every morning. Then I get up, wash my face to wake up, brush my teeth and then I get a bit active, either with a little workout or a round of yoga. I take 20 to 40 minutes for this, depending on the mood of the day. After that, I drink a glass of water with lemon to stimulate my digestion and strengthen my immune system. Then I first turn on my smartphone to check my emails and Instagram. I take the morning for myself and don’t want to spend it thinking about my emails, etc. Between 8 and 8:30, we then go for a walk with our dog and that’s also my favorite part of the morning because it just feels good to move a bit in the fresh air before there’s mostly just work in front of the laptop afterward.

Morning routine of Johanna:

My start to the day doesn’t necessarily always look the same, especially on weekends I spend my morning differently than during the week when work has to be done in the morning but basically, I have a few things that I do to start my day. Most of the time I get up without an alarm clock or I’m awake before the alarm clock because I’ve gotten my body used to a certain time. Then I read a few pages of my book first, depending on how much time I have in the morning, one chapter or more. After reading I get up and first drink a big glass of water, take my B12 and D3 and then do a round of yoga. Sometimes just a little stretching, sometimes a more strenuous session, depending on what I feel like doing. After yoga, I then make myself some tea and sit down at my laptop to work. On the weekends, I super like to take a morning coffee walk while listening to a podcast.

The Best Cafés in Berlin for a Coffee Walk

The following cafes are our favorites in Berlin for a stop on your daily morning walk for a coffee to go or to grab breakfast:


Daluma is probably one of the most famous influencer and blogger spots in Berlin. In the summer, models, fashion bloggers and co. gather here and there is always something to look at. Here you can find a lot of inspiration for outfits and can talk with interesting people. As for the food, Daluma is also super set up. From smoothie bowls to raw cakes, salad bowls and warm dishes like curry or hemp pasta, you can find everything your heart desires. Pretty much all dishes can be ordered vegetarian or vegan if they aren’t already. Our favorite is the avocado bread with hummus, pomegranate and extra kimchi. Add a matcha latte or turmeric latte (some of the best in town) to your order and your day can begin!

Zeit für Brot

The bread for Daluma’s avocado bread comes from the bakery Zeit für Brot right next door. Here you’ll find bread and buns as far as the eye can see. The so-called Körnerkruste is definitely a must-try! So you can also easily prepare your own avocado bread at home. What you probably remember Zeit für Brot for are their cinnamon buns in numerous varieties and flavors. Whether it’s with chocolate, walnuts and maple syrup or vegan with cashew, tahini and apricots, a cinnamon bun walk to Zeit für Brot is definitely worthwhile.

Nah am Wasser

Away from Mitte, towards Charlottenburg. There you will find a sweet café near Savignyplatz: Nah am Wasser. Here you can really find everything for the perfect brunch (also to go) with superfood smoothies, breakfast platters, egg dishes, various croissants, banana bread and co. You’re also right for an afternoon coffee. The cake selection makes us hungry again every time! Our brunch go-to here is the vegan platter with couscous and bean salad, fruit, grilled vegetables, avocado, hummus, homemade pesto and jam, plus various rolls, bagels and croissants.

Black Apron

Coffee and banana bread to go and then a little picnic in Weinmeister Park? No problem. You’ll find Black Apron Bakery on the corner of Brunnenstraße and Invalidenstraße, and even from the outside, the smell of fresh baked goods and hot coffee beckons you to take a peek through the window of this modern café. The selection of vegan banana bread is very good!

Funk You Natural Food

If you’re not the coffee type but rather into chai lattes, then you definitely have to try Funk You Natural Food on Rosenthaler Straße! We are not lying when we say: Best Chai Latte in Berlin. At Funk You they make their own chai syrup and you can taste it. Simply delicious. You can also grab your afternoon snack right here, I’m just saying raw caramel slice and vegan raw snickers cake!!!!

Café Neundrei

Walk a little further towards Hackescher Markt and you’ll find Café Neundrei. It is purely vegan and the selection of cakes and pastries is incredible. We would have loved to order everything and could hardly decide between a vegan chocolate croissant, energy balls, coconut raspberry cake or chocolate cake…