Just recently, we published a post about the spring trends of the year. In that post, we touched on the 2021 color trends, cuts, shapes, patterns, and trending styles in 2021.

We would now like to look at one of these spring trends 2021 in more detail and share some outfit ideas with you with today’s post. Do you want to know what trend this post is all about? It is one that I have in my closet in many versions and regularly wear: suits in oversized fits. In the following, I’ll tell you how to style the oversized look this year.

Oversize Style: Suits in bright colors and colorful patterns

Every year spring makes us wear more color and brighter clothes after months of mostly black and dark-colored outfits. This spring, you can find two-piece sets in all colors of the rainbow in stores and online. Most trending is currently bright colors, such as the trend color “illuminating” yellow. If you want to hop on the trend and wear a colorful suit, you can either wear the trend colors all over or only one piece, a detail or accessory to add an eye-catcher.

If you want it even more eye-catching, you can go for oversize suits with bold patterns and prints this season. Colorful floral prints or check patterns are what you should wear if you want to go with the trend. My favorite is an oversize suit with a check pattern because the combination of both creates a very casual yet eye-catching look.

Monochrome style: wear the oversized suit look in one color

I prefer to wear the oversized cut two-piece consisting of a blazer and matching pants in monochrome style. The blazer and pants usually have the same color and style. However, monochrome can also mean that only the colors are matched. The most important thing here is that you stay in one color family.

This spring, monochrome looks in light colors are trendy. Beige and white are two colors you can’t go wrong with. But also, the current trend colors can be integrated into a monochrome outfit. Just try it out, play with different colors and tones of different color categories for your next spring outfit.

Oversize suits combined with sporty styles

You now know what colors and patterns are in fashion this season. But how do you combine the suit in oversize style best? In general, there are no limits. It’s best always to wear what you feel most comfortable in.

As you know, I am a big fan of contrasts. That’s why I prefer to combine my oversized suits in a sporty way. Sneakers work very well in combination with loose suit pants and a blazer that appears too big. On top, you can wear a sports bra or a simple t-shirt underneath the blazer. Tight longsleeves also look great with the oversized blazer, and they will keep you a bit warmer on colder spring days.

Oversize Style all over

Oversized all over? Why not! However, there are a few things to keep in mind if you don’t want to sink in your oversized outfit and look like a “potato sack.”

It is essential to recognize a little silhouette despite the very loose and oversized cut garments. To achieve this, you can combine the oversize look, for example, with high heels or open shoes. Significantly the high heels visually elongate the body and give it a more feminine look. Generally speaking, anywhere where a little skin can be seen will hint at a silhouette and thus shape and define the oversized complete look. That’s why high heels and open-toed shoes work so well. But you can also simply roll up the sleeves of the blazer a little or put on a cropped top.

Another go-to piece for the oversized all-over look is the belt. It makes the waist visible and lets at least a little silhouette guess.

Oversized suits combined with tight tops

If you don’t dare to wear the complete look in oversized style, you should always combine the casual two-piece suit with rather tightly cut tops. Tight tops always work. Even when you don’t feel very comfortable in tight tops, you still have the oversized blazer that will cover any parts you don’t want to be seen. At the same time, a tightly fitting top gives the look more shape.

My favorite combination is with a tight crop top or a tight-fitting longsleeve in a striking color or a trendy print.

These clothes go with any oversized suit look:

In theory, you can really combine anything with two-piece suits in an oversized look. Below, I share my favorites with you:

– Crop tops, both tightly cut and loose
– Tight longsleeves
– Classic button-down shirts
– Knitted sweaters and cardigans
– Trench coats and long coats for when it’s still a bit cold outside

– Sneakers
– Boots with and without a heel

– Eye-catching accessories such as bags in bold colors or cuts, caps and bucket hats, sunglasses, creoles, and thick necklaces

What do you think about the trend of the oversized suit? Do you wear it regularly, or is it not your thing? I am looking forward to your comments. Be sure to let me know what your favorite styling is as well. xx