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Happy Monday and happy new week everyone! I hope you had an amazing weekend and are ready for a new week. I’m happy that I can spend this whole week at the office because I want to prepare and plan a couple of things. I have no events this week and are just meeting a friend tomorrow (after work, of course!). I love attending events, to learn more about new products and brands and to meet new people. But at the same time it always takes up a lot of time and this time is missing round the back. So maybe you can understand why I’m happy about a week without any events! 🙂 Additionally, the week after is going to be a little bit busier, because I have some meetings and appointments and need that time to work and get things done this week. Anyways, it doesn’t make much of a difference for you if I have many events or not. Because I’m sharing new blog posts anyways. Today I’m starting with another outfit post we shot a couple of days ago.

Leo Slippers, Black Jeans and White Sweater

You’ve seen me wearing black and white outfits before. Well, I think I’m sharing at least one black and white outfit every week. So why not starting this new week with another black and white outfit? Here you go… but this time, I didn’t add black boots or white sneakers as I usually do. This time, I combined my black and white outfit with Leo slippers. I was looking for a nice pair of leo slippers quite a while, but they either were not available in my size, or I didn’t like the colours. When I was in London, I finally found the perfect pair, at Marks & Spencer. I just hope the rainy days

schwarze Jeans mit Schnürung an der Seite
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will be over soon and that the temperatures will rise a little bit, so I can wear them at least one more time before it’s getting too cold.

A couple of days ago it was warm enough and partly sunny, so I took advantage of it and wore my new leo slippers for the first time. As I mentioned before, I combined them with a black and white look, so the focus is on the shoes. 😉 The whole outfit is from Marks & Spencer, would you believe me, if I say it was a coincidence? It really was! But both the sweater and the pants are part of my favourite clothes right now.

Casual outfits for the win

When the temperatures are dropping, I prefer wearing casual outfits all day. And when I’m talking about casual outfits, I’m talking about comfortable outfits. I’m talking about comfortable yet chic outfits. It’s not always easy to create this kind of outfit because they quickly look too comfortable. That’s the reason why I say preferably casual outfits and not comfortable outfits 😉 Anyways, casual outfits for the win in autumn and winter! Who agrees? Who disagrees?

I’m looking forward to reading your comments and to seeing whether you like this casual outfit or no. And don’t hesitate to let me know how you think about casual and comfortable outfits. What do you usually wear in autumn and winter? 🙂 Enjoy your Monday and make it a good one! xx

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