I just can’t get enough of denim. I told you again and again, that denim is one of the basics and must-haves in every closet, because you can combine it with everything. It all depends on the denim colour and the kind of garment you choose.

Denim Fashion Week

This week Pepe Jeans is celebrating denim with their so called Denim Fashion Week. What this means for you? You can find great new denim styles and of course great discounts and promotions in all their stores in Europe. And Pepe Jeans offers a lot of great denim garments no matter, if you’re looking for jeans, a nice denim jacket or a denim shirt. The wide range of different styles offer one piece for everyone of you – promise! 🙂 Here are some of my favourites:

Total Denim Look

Because of the Pepe Jeans Denim Fashion Week I decided to create a total denim outfit. You’ve often seen denim on denim outfits on the blog, because it is one of those combinations I just feel very comfortable in and I could wear almost everyday. But this look, the total denim look is a bit more difficult. It isn’t that easy to create a total denim look, because you have to take care, that it doesn’t look too messy. Of course you can choose three different denim colours – that’s what I did – but they all have to look similar, they have to match. What do you think about my final look? Do you like it or not?

Would you wear a total denim look as well?

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