One week after I came back from Dublin, it’s time to share the video with you + some pictures of the special souvenir I “took” home. Well, you might already know it, don’t you? I GOT A NEW TATTOO, tattoo no.4 😀

Since I already told you a lot about my stay in Dublin, I want to focus on my new tattoo in this post. I wanted a tattoo on this part of my body for a long time, but I wasn’t sure what I should get… I had a few ideas and couldn’t decide which one would be the right one for this place on my body. The idea of getting a tattoo in Dublin was pretty spontaneous, but I thought why not? I knew the place and I had a few ideas in mind.. and suddenly I knew exactly what I wanted: fortitude!

Place: check // word: check – next step: finding the right tattoo studio. After a few advices, I decided to go to Dublin Ink – and it definitely was the right choice! Thank you Kevin for the best souvenir I could get! 😉

Fortitude Tattoo Tattoos Defend Coexist Tank Top