Oversized blazers are absolutely IN

If you want to follow the current trend this season, you can’t avoid the oversized look. And it’s as beautiful as it is stylish and also highly comfortable. You can find it everywhere and wear the XXL style from head to toe, whether with wide baggy jeans, loose blouses, or ultra-wide jackets and coats – oversized is very popular. Even blazers are worn oversized in the current autumn/winter 2022/2023 fashion. There are countless refinements and details to discover here, and it is guaranteed never to get boring to wear and combine this classic in its most beautiful form.

Blazers as a trend piece & as an investment piece

Since a blazer is considered an absolute classic, it never goes out of fashion, but it is somehow part of the game. Ladies wear them elegantly to the office, combined with a trouser suit or a pencil skirt. But it also spices up any streetwear outfit in a highly imaginative way because it gives a respective look the very last touch and takes it in a sporty-elegant direction. Jeans and trainers with an elegant blazer? Definitely! Mini skirt and chunky boots combined with a blazer? Absolutely! It’s amazing how versatile a blazer can be and how impressively it can set the scene for a particular outfit. That’s why blazers belong in every well-stocked wardrobe. Timeless fashion par excellence! A blazer is a real investment piece, and even more expensive models you might have got hold of or treated yourself to somewhere vintage or second-hand are always worthwhile. That’s why it’s essential to get to grips with the latest trends every season and familiarise yourself with them – and then combine them with your favorite pieces again and again. That includes a select range of blazers.

Oversized blazers – an absolute must-have

Oversized blazers – an absolute must-have

Blazers in XXL format accentuate the figure, can be worn loose and casually, and you always feel comfortable in a plus-size blazer. Nothing pinches or is uncomfortable, and the effect is still simply outstanding. That’s also the secret recipe, because why shouldn’t fashion be a real eye-catcher and comfortable to wear? There’s absolutely nothing to say against it!

You can find oversized blazers in various shapes and countless facets, with wide shoulders, balloon sleeves, and cool waist belts. And, of course, they come in the season’s bright colors, garish pink, toxic green, or neon yellow. Those are the real eye-catchers!

Ladies’ blazers – basics you shouldn’t miss

Blazers are one of the absolute basics. The shape and color of the blazer are of secondary importance. Vintage is the magic word. Whether from an expensive designer or your favorite blazer from H&M – the main thing is that the blazer is pleasing and comfortable. This season, the popular 80s can be found in all their facets and are making a powerful impact on fashion. When it comes to blazers, you can discover them in the style of the Eighties with their wide shoulders and shoulder pads. This style was already cool back then, and it is cool again. Androgynous and voluminous, oversize blazers are at their very best. Long blazers, in particular, are a real insider tip when emphasizing the figure and skillfully setting the scene. Loosely falling, the fabric panels flatter the body parts and show them off to their best advantage. The long version, also known as a boyfriend blazer, looks absolutely self-confident. A little insider tip is to go for stylish men’s models or have a look at your better half’s wardrobe. You’ll likely find something that suits you.

How to find the perfect blazer for you

Here is a summary of what you should look for when buying an oversized women’s blazer. A long blazer, also called a boyfriend blazer, in classic black is a real all-rounder. Worn with jeans, a white blouse, and stylish pumps or boots, you have the perfect outfit for many occasions. It is the ideal addition to an outfit for everyday office life, shopping, coffee with your best friend, or even a drink in the evening with your loved one. Combined with beautiful accessories, it continuously reinvents itself.

Of course, the all-white long blazer is no less attractive and a real eye-catcher both during the day and in the evening. The same rule applies here in terms of combination and variety. In addition, beautiful pastel shades such as beige or rosé are also famous for chic boyfriend blazers. If you’re more into colorful splashes, you’ll be spoilt for choice this season because you’ll find almost every color and shade. The brighter, the better.

What to look for when buying a blazer

The good thing about a blazer is that you can wear it with pretty much any figure. This rule certainly doesn’t apply to every other piece of clothing. Therefore, you are always well advised to buy a blazer, and you should have many different styles in your wardrobe.

You should wear a tight-fitting top under the open long blazer if you have a slim figure. That flatters the delicate figure enormously and emphasizes it extremely advantageously.

If you are blessed with a stately appearance and broad shoulders, you should avoid wide shoulder pads and voluminous balloon sleeves. You could run the risk of outshining the male sex. The same applies to blazers with many ruffles and lapels or blouses worn under the blazer. It tends to make you look broader than you might be.

Conversely, this is an actual add-on for delicate appearances and creates more volume than is present.

A narrow waist can be achieved with a blazer and tie belt. That is a highly advantageous way to shape your waist. Beautiful, long legs should be emphasized with elegant skirts and slim-fit trousers, which perfectly complement a blazer.

You should ensure the correct size for oversized blazers; otherwise, you’ll sink into it more than the stylish garment can handle. A little tip: shop one size smaller than usual, and the effect will be completely different. You can wear oversized blazers with any figure because it depends on the right combination. However, the most important tip when buying a blazer is to try out what suits you, what you want to combine it with, and what you feel comfortable in. A blazer is always a good companion and likes to adapt to the respective outfit.

Blazer outfits – countless possibilities here

As already mentioned, a blazer is considered an omnipresent classic. It has been firmly anchored in the fashion world for years. Blazers can easily be worn with jeans for a casual look. Go with either elegant boots or sporty sneakers. You can also follow the current fashion trend by wearing XXL-style boots. A blazer is also ideal for a business outfit. Add a skirt or suit trousers combined with pumps, and you’re ready for the office. And, of course, a blazer can also be worn sexily in the evening with a short top, miniskirt, and stilettos. But no one notices that it’s the same blazer repeatedly with all three variations because of the different combinations.

An oversized blazer also looks great with a beautiful dress in an oversized style. Add chunky boots, and you have the perfect street style. A long blazer can also be worn plain as a dress with boots, perhaps with an elegant belt around the waist. And chic over-the-knee boots look especially lovely with this blazer outfit. Otherwise, the motto of the style break applies this season, and pretty much anything that pleases is allowed. Skillful contrasts attract attention. Try it out to your heart’s content and push the limits of the possible combinations!