Fashion Trend Bikercore – pure coolness

The magic word Bikercore Trend follows the sensational, shrill trend of Barbiecore. This eye-catching fashion trend, all in pink and distinctly feminine style, is replaced by the dominant, rather masculine look of Bikercore. This trend is rugged and robust. Those who used to cast envious glances at the cool outfits of bikers and motorcyclists they saw in thick motorbike jackets and trousers can now also wear this style without owning a motorbike themselves.

Whether a head-to-toe combo or a jacket, Bikercore is at the forefront of the fashion catwalks this season. But unlike the more practical motorbike jacket, this look is sporty and highly aesthetic. The practicality of it is definitely in the background.

Thanks to Diesel’s creative director Glenn Martin! He recently joined the famous label and showed his stunning collection in the biker look at this year’s Fashion Week.

Bikercore – the biker looks to show their best side

The big fashion houses are setting the pace, and celebrities and influencers enthusiastically adopt this style. Bikercore fashion catches the eye without having to put on an extreme show. Put on a pair of baggy jeans, throw over a biker-style leather jacket, and you have a mega-cool outfit for the winter. In contrast to the all-black leather suits worn by motorcyclists, the trendy biker leather jackets come in bright colors with lots of exciting details and are packed with all kinds of extras.

Especially popular are the biker looks with a retro vibe, which can be found not only among the current collections but also in vintage and second-hand shops. And the prevailing law in the fashion world this season also applies to biker style: style breaks and contrasts entirely without taboos. Whatever you like is allowed. Unusual styles combined, and the outfits are brought to life by these contrasting looks.

With the bikercore trend, the break-in style is unmistakable and comes into its own very well—elegant mini dresses combined with rugged boots and biker leather jackets in their most beautiful form. The Bikercore fashion allows leather jackets in all colors, even shrill shades, with eye-catching stripes in garish hues. Provocative contrasts are staged stylishly and spectacularly. All previously prevailing prejudices are no longer valid, and the dystopian tone is unmistakable. That is biker fashion par excellence!

Spicing up your wardrobe with the biker fashion trend

One thing is certain this winter: this year’s fashion will not be boring. Biker fashion guarantees lots of cool outfits because leather jackets are real eye-catchers. Somehow feminine but just as masculine. Is that possible? It definitely works! Celebrities are no less taken with it and adorn themselves with selected examples of Bikercore fashion. Singer Rihanna, for example, is photographed in Vogue, pregnant and almost entirely naked, dressed only in a yellow leather jacket by Dior. Or the successful Spanish singer Rosalía, who even titled her latest album Motomami (“Motorcycle Woman”) and shows herself in motorbike clothing on the cover and her music videos.

In the 2022/ 2023 season, the biker look shows itself from its best side and presents itself in a new staging. On the one hand very classic and with the usual elements of biker fashion, such as coarse jackets made of leather with wide zips, but on the other hand also very feminine. That guarantees a grand entrance and combines vintage with a new look, especially with unexpected outfits, a real eye-catcher.

The accessories are also well chosen for bikercore fashion. A cool pair of racer sunglasses is a must-have and completes the look perfectly. Shiny silver jewelry also goes well with this sensational outfit. And in combination with the jeans in a destroyed look, you feel transported back to the 2000s and indulge in nostalgia fever. That is authenticity all along the line.

Biker fashion – but properly

You can wear a motorbike helmet if you want to follow the Bikercore trend. The world’s major fashion houses present their collections in this style for the autumn/winter season. Dior, Alexander McQueen & Co. showed their trend pieces on the catwalks. Driven by love and a penchant for Nostalgia, the trend of the turn of the millennium, is taken up and deliberately exaggerated.

Undoubtedly, due to the years of the Corona lockdown, we long for everything extreme, and being free-spirited is another matter altogether. The fact is that this year’s fashion trends are exceptionally multi-faceted and offer plenty of scope for your very own design. Whether you combine rough biker jackets with delicate skirts or prefer wide jeans and thick boots is up to you. In any case, the biker look unfolds its effect and sets itself skilfully in the limelight.

Crazy and colorful leather jackets in motorbike style

If you’ve always wanted to belong to a motorbike gang but haven’t had a bike, you can go all out with Bikercore fashion in winter. That is just the thing for everyday life and special appearances. And the best thing about this trend? It can be worn with pretty much anything, enhancing any outfit individually. Jeans are worn with a simple blouse, sneakers, and a cool biker jacket. Or a playful dress with rugged boots and the biker leather jacket thrown over quickly. Simply heavenly! Or how does the look of an evening dress with elegant stilettos paired with a biker leather jacket sound? Everything is possible this season, and bikercore fashion is the ideal companion.

Bikercore fashion in winter

The new style doesn’t have to be expensive because there are cool biker leather jackets both from big high-end brands like Dior and Gucci, but also just as good from Marc Cain or Acne Studios for not quite as much money.

The thick leather jackets are absolutely perfect for winter days because they will keep you nice and warm. For absolutely frosty temperatures, they can also be worn with warm wool sweaters in the trending XXL style underneath. Add a beanie and scarf, and you are ready to go outside and enjoy the fresh wintry air for a cozy mulled wine at the Christmas market or an extended shopping trip with your girlfriends. If that’s not warm enough, throw a warm coat over the jacket, and the perfect layered look is ready.