Yay, autumn is here! And with it, finally, the many autumn trends. Incredibly trendy this year is a style break- without any restrictions. People combine for all they’re worth and throw previous taboos out the window. Colors being worn together that would otherwise never be found in the same outfit, such as bright pink paired with flashy orange or even Bordeaux red.

The cuts are eye-catching and peppered with cut-outs in unexpected spots. Concerning fabrics, you can combine anything you like in autumn 2022, and the oversized look is everywhere in all its glory. The outfits are colorful and unusual, and the break in style is evident in pretty much every gait. Combining outfits is a lot of fun!

We have already presented various trends for autumn fashion 2022. Now we’ll show you how things are going when it comes to dresses this season, what’s IN, and how best to combine these gorgeous dresses.

Dresses in autumn 2022 – what’s new this season?

Anyone who thinks dresses are only something for warmer temperatures is entirely wrong. Even if they are quickly thrown on and combined with cute little shoes, especially in summer, they are no less practical and no less dressy in the cooler months of the year. Moreover, you can combine dresses completely differently in autumn, which is certainly not possible in summer. Autumn dress outfits with chic boots and classy tights look extremely elegant and can look sophisticated, depending on the style.

As you already know, the XXL look spreads with power in autumn and practically from head to toe. Blazers with wide shoulders, wide trousers in almost every style, and even the sometimes minimalistic clutch can be found in an oversized style. That is also true for the autumn trend of dresses because maxi dresses are in the high season in autumn 2022. Of course, it doesn’t matter what type of dress and what fabric it’s made of – the major thing is XXL.

You can find floor-length dresses in denim, leather, knitwear, and cotton. The fact that you can even wear leggings or thick tights underneath long dresses when it’s cold doesn’t show at all. Dresses in oversized looks are also wonderfully comfortable and accompany you pleasantly throughout the day. At the same time, they make a feminine figure and look incredibly elegant and dressy. It’s best to wear flat shoes with floor-length dresses; the effect is worth seeing.

Autumn dresses in leather

We have already reported that leather dominates this year’s autumn trend. Of course, leather can’t be left out when it comes to dresses because they look divine in this noble fabric. This season you can find them in cool biker outfits and elegant styles. This season, the popular grunge look is also part of the game and presents itself as wicked and sexy. Leather is the ideal companion because this material is highly versatile and can be combined in countless ways. Add a pair of rugged boots or comfortable flat shoes, and the autumn outfit will look completely different. Pretty accessories like shiny jewelry and classy handbags spice up the same outfit in countless ways.

Autumn knit dresses

This season, you’ll find knitted dresses in countless beautiful designs. Above all, dresses made of cozy tweed are absolute favorites. The noble material presents itself luxuriously and with a touch of glamour. In addition to its elegant appearance, the fabric is wonderfully comfortable to wear and still warm and soft. The autumn dress outfits are as varied as they are variable, and you can always combine them anew.

You can wear the knitted dresses solo or combine them with a tight turtleneck jumper or a cotton T-shirt. For an elegant style, we recommend wearing a pretty blouse underneath. The popular strappy dresses are also very much back this autumn. They have wide or narrow straps and are simply heavenly in combination. Add elegant boots, and you have the perfect autumn outfit.


Autumn dresses: flashy, colorful & shrill

You could use these adjectives to describe autumn colors because fashion could hardly be more colorful. All the colors of the summer can be found in these trends, each with several shades upward – shrill and colorful. The bright colors can be found in all kinds of materials and bring out the best in leather jackets, tweed dresses, and blazers in XXL style. And, as mentioned at the beginning, there is no veto when combining everything from the color palette. You can combine all colors to your heart’s content and combine pink with red or orange with violet without any previous restrictions. That results in an absolute wow effect! The dresses for autumn present themselves in all the colors of the rainbow. A knitted dress in Barbie pink? Absolutely! Or a leather dress in neon colors? Bring it on!

Corsage dresses – hard to beat

Even if the womankind of yesteryear would have been happy to get rid of dresses with tight corsets, we love them even more for it today because they make a highly advantageous décolleté and look simply sexy. We certainly don’t wear them as tight and uncomfortable around the waist as we used to. In autumn 2022, elegant minidresses and midi-length dresses are also equipped with corsages. Seductive and with a pinch of sex – an irresistible mixture. But in fact, corsage dresses are not only for evening outfits; you can also discover them in business looks with delight for the unusual. A style contrast par excellence!

Dresses with floral patterns; a must-wear in autumn

Dresses with floral patterns are considered an absolute classic, and it is impossible to imagine the wardrobes of this world without them, especially in the summer season. This autumn season, too, floral prints are one of the absolute trends. However, the clothes have a slightly different look, and the floral patterns come in darker shades. Floral prints at their best – in perfect design for autumn with its cool temperatures in the dark season. Playful and elegant at the same time – who would have thought it? It fits perfectly into the autumnal mood – guaranteed!

The Dark Glamour Trend for the Autumn Season 2022

The focus of this style is based on pure glamour! The noble dresses shimmer and sparkle and, therefore, skilfully put themselves in the spotlight; the use of countless sequins and shiny fabrics is the secret. An absolute must for a grand entrance at parties and galas! And since the style break must not be neglected this season, these elegant dresses can also be worn during the day with thick boots and a jeans jacket.

Dresses in autumn 2022 – gentle transparency

This trend is transparent and sheer. You’ll find dresses made of delicate lace or translucent chiffon. What is worn underneath is, of course, up to you. The soft fabrics have a remarkable effect, and combining them into extraordinary autumn dresses is a lot of fun!