Before I’ll post a small guide for things you should do in Melbourne, I want to share my last outfit post from Melbourne.

Street Art in Melbourne

Melbourne is well-known for it’s diverse range of street art. There are a few famous lanes just as Hosier Lane, which are a Must-See when in Melbourne, but street art can be found everywhere in this city. You should walk Melbourne’s streets and lanes with you eyes wide open, because you never know when you’ll find another piece of street art. 🙂 The street art was the part of the city I enjoyed most, because it’s not only graffiti, it’s artwork.

The background matters

The day we shot these outfit pictures I didn’t need a colourful outfit, because of all the colours in the background. I wanted to focus on Melbourne’s street art, not on the outfit – the background matters!

Enjoy your Friday, only a few more hours before the weekend starts for you! 😉

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