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On Monday I told you, that we took new outfit pictures the past weekend and that I can’t wait to share them with you, but somehow I just didn’t have the time to write the blog posts… These first two days of the new week were very busy so that I couldn’t share an outfit post yesterday. But I didn’t want to leave you without a new post two days in a row, so here is a new post for you guys. It was super hot in Berlin the past weekend, and I actually wouldn’t wear this outfit on such a hot summer day. But as suddenly as the temperatures rose, as suddenly can they drop again. Yesterday it already was a little bit colder than the days before so that this outfit would have worked perfectly. It also is perfect for the morning o evening hours, when it usually still is a little bit brisk. And as soon as it gets warmer, you can quickly take off the sweater. That’s why I was wearing a black t-shirt underneath, just in case, it gets too hot to be outside with a sweater on.

Gingham Skort, black sweater and black sneakers

I was wearing this outfit on a busy day, that’s why it had to be very comfortable! The key piece of this outfit is the gingham skort I bought at the end of 2016 at Zara. I was wearing it when I was in Sri Lanka, but afterwards it was just lying in my closet waiting for summer days in Berlin 🙂 I absolutely love the print and, of course, the fact that it is not a skirt but a skort. The only problem: you can’t see that it is a skort and not a skirt at first sight, so most people think I am wearing a super short skirt x)

But nope, I am not haha. I wouldn’t wear it if it were a skirt because without the shorts underneath it would be way too short and I would always be afraid it would ride up. I wouldn’t feel comfortable in such a short skirt at all…

So much about the skort. Let’s talk about the outfit combination I opted for. As I mentioned before, on some days, I still have to wear a sweater or jacket in the morning if I don’t want to freeze. So that day I combined my gingham skort with a black sweater, I added my black sneakers from Converse and topped the whole look off with my favourite pieces of jewellery and my Agneel bag.

Once again, it is a very simple outfit. But I was wearing it on a busy day, so it was most important to me that the outfit is comfortable. The skort with its gingham print upgrades the whole look and makes it look more interesting, doesn’t it? Even though it is a very simple outfit, I wouldn’t say that it is boring. I actually would always go for this kind of outfit when wearing this skort. It pretty much speaks for itself, and I prefer focusing on one key piece than creating a super fancy and edgy outfit. What do you think? How would you combine this gingham skort?

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